when life gets rough

6 Sure Things To Remember When Life Gets Tough

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Life can be happy but it can also be sad. In fact at some point in a person’s life, it will be sad. The sad times are undoubtedly the tough times. Nobody likes bitter things or experiences. Everybody would prefer it if their lives were without hitches. But, the hitches are there to help us be better individuals. Like I would say, “it’s bitter to make you better.”

But sometimes, the sad times can be so overwhelming that we start to lose hope. We start to lose hope that it will get easier; that life will stop treating us so cruelly. What do you fall back on in this case? How do you stay strong? What if there is no one to offer a few words of encouragement? How do you cope?
I thought to lend a helping hand by sharing six statements of encouragement that I trust should surely make you relax, heave a sigh of relief, and breathe an air of hope.
when life gets tough
1. Problem is like a bitter concoction of herbs; it is bitter so you can get better.
That ‘Agbo-iba’ (herbal concoction for malaria) isn’t just bitter for any reason. It is bitter with purpose. Even at the fact that it is bitter, it has tremendous and mind blowing effects in curing the malaria. Relate this to that problem you’re facing. Did someone you love die? You get to learn lessons from that unfortunate incident… You pick a whole load of lessons from it. Like, you learn to show the people you love the care and affection they deserve while they’re still here, because you never can tell what can happen next. That is a lesson learnt even in a crisis.
So in every problem, there is room for learning. It’s not tough to just be tough. It’s tough to make you better. Learn that, at the end of the day, you’re coming out stronger. Stronger than ever to face life head-on. This time, better equipped.
2. You are not alone.
Yes. You are not alone. At all. There is bound to be, and there surely is someone out there facing something similar to what you’re facing. If not worse. You are not alone at all. Know that and keep it at the back of your mind.
In that particular difficult situation, keep calm. Because someone is also going through something similar.
There is a bit of satisfaction one gains knowing that one is not alone in a stressful situation. It makes you relax a bit because in your mind you’re like, ‘Hey wait…. Life is giving someone else out there this same problem! It’s not only me… Thank God!’
3. This too shall pass.
Meaning: Nothing is permanent. That problem will pass. It will go away. You will get relief. Brighter days are coming. Because this is only temporary. It will pass.
But it also reminds us when we are happy to support those that are sad because anyone can be in that same shoe. Indeed, everything in life is a phase. We all just pray that the happy phases should far outnumber the sad phases.
4. God loves you.
The creator of the universe, the One who cultures upon cultures, countries upon countries can’t ever deny, loves you tremendously. And He will help you. He will help you see the good you can take home from that situation. All you need is faith.
Forgive me but I had to bring in religion here. God loves you in spite of whatever you might be passing through. Trust God to help you. Seek from God and you will find. Why? Because He loves you. He will not and never will let you suffer. Just make sure you do the right things and trust in Him. Then ask for His help.
5. Tell yourself, “I will fight through and overcome this!”

There is something called The Law of Attraction. The more you call or think up something in your mind, the more likely it is to happen. It’s established fact. People have come to discover this. Look it up anywhere. Use this to your advantage Sweetie.Tell yourself, “I can fight through this problem..” Show life what you got joor! Chant it like a prayer. Your mind will subconsciously absorb it and you’ll see you will really start to trample on that problem. Use the power of proclamation and attraction to your advantage.

6. Remember some people are going through worse things right now.
You lost your job? Some people have just lost their lives this instant you’re reading this. It’s not to mock anybody. This is to just show us that so far you’re living, be thankful. People are going through worse than that your situation. So snap out of that mood and don’t dwell on negative and sad thoughts. They only cause sorrow, grief and depression. I know life’s not easy sometimes and even most times… But God’s love is ever present to fall back on.
So! Life can be tough. Yes. But you choose the way you react to these tough situations. Be smart. Learn lessons out of these scenarios, have those lessons at the back of your mind (to use later), and move on. Tough times will come. It’s simply part of life’s many dramas.

One last word or statement here… “Stay Strong!”Photo credit :Tuke Morgan

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