6 Benefits of Self Praise + A Quick Test

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Benefits of Self Praise

How does it sound  when we acknowledge other people’s looks, behaviours, work,  attitude, or just their simplicity?  Have you ever thought of replicating that to your self?  Have  you thought of the good  and powerful result  self praise  will  do to you and your productivity? Not to worry  we shall  discuss  that  today.

People  often  mistake  self praise for pride. They say, “When  you praise  your self, you  are being proud and heading” I call self praise your support  system, appreciating your true  self, how you feel  about  yourself, how marvellous your creator has made you……. It’s not the same as being arrogant.

In fact, you can be so proud of yourself  and achievement. You need to first see how good you are before others can see  it. Self praise  comes  from  the satisfaction you have about yourself instead of wallowing in self pity. Self praise is the antidote to self pity. 

Words and imagination play an important role in making you become better. Until  your  words  and imagination  are affirmative enough to help  you take the right  decisions, you might find  yourself waiting  for the approval  of people  before  forging ahead  with  things  in your  life, which  might eventually  not come.

Like  I tell  people, :you are responsible for your  happiness, and your  happiness comes from  how you see and acknowledge yourself. You might have gone through  a lot, and you have lost the reason  why you should  praise yourself, in fact  you may not see any reason  why you should.

So,  here are 6 benefits of self praise 

In one of our trainings we took  people  through  the process  of  self praise and these are some  of the feedback we got

“When I started, I almost stopped. It was hard to admire me. I had to force myself to believe what I knew about myself all along but always admired it in others.  At a point, I started checking the time. I later calmed a bit, hugged and peck myself”.

Another participant said :

“For me  it was difficult for me to praise myself but I was able to. I was able to achieve 2 minutes, then i tried again with a timer. And as I went to bed I realised i wasn’t all bad, that there was a lot of good in me. It was emotional”.

So let go back to the benefits of self praise 

1. It energises you to be the best you can be 
2. It helps you  see the possibilities in things around  you. 
3. It reduces negative vibes around you .
4. It allows you love yourself and accept you for who you are .
5. It gives you confidence to face your fears. 
6. The more you praise  yourself, the more you  see and realise solutions embedded in you.

Let do a quick test.

Take the next 5 minutes (or squeeze out 5 minutes of your day today) to acknowledge and praise every good thing in you. Or you can do it before you start your daily activities.  It will help your day I tell  you.

Step  out into the week with  your head up high and stop  the self pity.  Embrace the remaining part of you, nurture, beautify and praise yourself.

Make  it a daily life style. Be the best you can be Now.

Photo credit :inspiredbyglory.com 

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