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5 Simple Ways to Spice up Your Valentine this Year

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Valentine couple in love
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This recession sef! If one is not careful, it will hijack valentine from somebody. But you see ehn,  I think a very romantic person is known if s/he can make things happen even when things are tight. You know,  whip up some emotions even when the resources are lacking. It’s possible that this is when we will know the substance some people are made up of romantically.

To be honest, it’s crazy. When I learnt that in some parts of Nigeria, airtime is sold with 20 naira addition, I cringed. Imagine a couple trying to make things work financially. This must be a difficult time for many people to communicate, especially long distance coupes. However, this is not the end of valentine. We will still be creative. We will still make love worth celebrating this year. No Jupiter of a recession will stop it. Oya,  let’s see what we can do :

1. Write love notes/letters

Many people, including my friends on Facebook are now advocating for this big time. I am fully in support of this move because a heart felt written note goes a very long way. You can write short notes and put on the bathroom mirror, bed side table or kitchen table. It should be words you don’t use everytime. For long distance relationships, it could be a letter that you send through the post office or any other way.

2. Watch a new movie together

You can set up a cinema right in your house. Let it be a movie you both have been anticipating to see or see together. Prepare light snacks and drinks and make yourselves comfortable. Laugh, scream, groan, argue and just be happy over a new movie. Valentine with your partner is about being expressive about that love, so express it.

3. Go to the beach

Just you both and your beach outfit are all you need. So,  get into them and go enjoy the waves. Talk. Really talk. Like communicate, share deep things. Make it all about your partner and have fun remembering older times of fun, times you fought, awkward or weird moments etc.

4. DIY gifts

Present your partner with something you did by yourself. Make it intentional and thoughtful. This is what matters. You can get cardboard and make something really cool e.g love card, Valentine card etc. You can make a hand bead if you know how to make that. Just make something remarkable that you know they will remember even after a long time.

5. Make a new recipe

If you don’t mind, make dinner or lunch at home together. Try out a new recipe. For long distance relationships, you can plan on making the same meal that day and taking pictures to see the results. You can also dare each other by posting it on a social media platform and see whose gets more favour. Just have fun cooking something new.

What are your plans this Valentine? Will you rock this season despite the recession?

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