5 Ways to revamp your life the rest of 2019

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We are almost mid-year and I have questions. E.g, how did we get here so fast? Whatever tho!

How’s it been so far? It’s been great, I think. It really has been an awesome ride, especially because blogging has become a lot for me. This puts food on my table, and it adds my favorite grains too, cornflakes, yo!

I think I want to do a quick revamp but I do not want to do it alone. It is very possible that you are thinking of one too, so I would share my revamp ideas for the rest of 2019 with you and see. You might have one or two to fly with.

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1. Start a gratitude journal

Everywhere I turn to, someone has just started a gratitude journal. No, I am not doing this because everyone is doing it but I think that the popularity of this concept might be something worth considering for me.

I am usually stuck around the cycle of complaining and wanting more. I just want to be able to see how much goodness and love and blessings I have on me at the moment.

Here is what I plan to do, every morning, during my quiet time, I want to purposefully, take the time, intentionally write down all of the things I am grateful for that day. I am so sure that instead of asking and asking, I will have so much to be thankful for.

2. Prioritize quality sleep

So, maybe I don’t mean sleeping for more hours but sleeping well. This was one of the goals this year but I must be honest with you, I am still falling short. I say this with a lot of shame, given that I am an advocate of quality sleep.

My major issue is my phone. I think that I have some anxiety problems and I can be a little too obsessive about apps that I monitor on the phone. An example is Instagram. When I wake up to pee, I make sure that I open up the app to check how far gone my posts have.

Sometimes I end up spending hours on it. This is not in the way that is customarily popular. What I do isn’t scrolling but analyzing. Checking other accounts and what more I am missing. It is not always easy to have an app that is supposed to be fun double as work too.

The plan is to build some discipline and establish ground rules on this.

3. Reorganize my finances

I want to revamp this area, most certainly. Not as per savings though, maybe quality investments that can yield profitably. Women and Money by Caroline Mutoko is a major contribution to this decision. You should totally check that piece out!

I realize that we talk too much about saving and too little about investing. Of what use is money that rests all year? How about multiplying this money?

There is also the issue of giving. I think there is irresponsible giving. Oh yes, giving too much of what you barely have so much that you are left in the lurch at the end of the day, not wise!

4. Edit my relationships

Some relationships are really expensive to maintain, haven’t you noticed? I call these relationships high maintenance relationships. So much more is dropping from your end to keep the relationship than is dropping from theirs.

Sometimes, you feel so drained and wasted. Some other relationships are not just profitable, they just waste your time. I am looking to building and forging more profitable and mutually respectful relationships the rest of 2019.

5. Set clear boundaries

I know that is similar to editing relationships but this goes way beyond that. This is more about the current relationships that I am even allowing to stay. This will include not immediately responding to chats unless they are at the top of my priority list. This applies to lending or loaning people money too.

If it is not convenient or I suspect that it may turn into bad debt, I am going to verbally decline. The rest of this year I also want to use NO more frequently and clearly. This is a way to set boundaries that don’t look like they will be moved anytime soon or at all. My boundaries will be clear and audible. YES or NO. No maybes.

Over to you. What do you want to do more of, less of or start to do the rest of the year? Any revamp ideas? I would love to hear your plans too.

P.S – For babes who have a problem with saying NO

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