5 Ways to Make Your Vagina Happy

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Yeah,  right. Vagina. You can make your vagina happy. It translates in its actually sense to ‘healthy’. I am very particular about the vagina and other lady parts that are secret because I feel that they go through so much of neglect even though we are convinced about how sensitive they are.

I don’t blame my home training for this because I know it was totally due to ignorance and over carefulness. I grew up to use soap and sponge to wash the vagina. Of course light, harmless scrubbing with the sponge. We were first girls when we were young before the boy, the only boy came. It was also a compulsory night routine to wash the vagina before we went to bed. It’s embarrassing now but there was a way mumsi called out to us in our drowsy, sleep drunken states to go do the needful to our vagina. Lol. You may read my post on Things You Didn’t Know About Your Vagina. 

Well,  now that we are old enough to get intentionally exposed to knowledge, I have learned several better and healthier ways to make my vagina happy. Let me tell you 5 of them now.

Wear Cotton

It’s now popular to note that cotton is better underwear than other materials. But we need to mention this because due to many reasons, women still want to look sexy underneath in wrong materials. Many underwear companies however take the extra care to save us from our woes by making the thin strip of fabric in the crotch cotton. It allows your vagina breathe and absorb moisture and that is the definition of all shades of healthy and relief.

Go Commando at Home

Okay,  we need to talk about this. Again. Some women still cage their vagina during their sleep. I know it is downright uncomfortable in the creepiest way ever but why some women still do this remains unfathomable to me. Take off the barrier when you go to bed. Well, except on days you are on your menstrual period. When you are at home, remove your panties. Let your vagina take in fresh air and smile.

Eat Yogurt 

Yogurt helps to cultivate more of the good bacteria in the vagina. You see,  we are exposed to infections daily. I fear the yeast infection the most. It can be very embarrassing. I had it once and it was awful. Be however careful not to snack on sweetened yogurt in a bid to achieve the same result. Go Greek.

Stop Douching. Now. 

I understand the need to be overly careful about private, sensitive parts but douching isn’t the way to go. If you don’t know the meaning of douching, let me explain now so that you are not ignorant of something you may be doing everyday. Douching is the cleaning of the vagina deep inside by spraying with water or other mixtures of fluids. There are actually prepared fluids for the sole purpose of douching. The vagina is self cleansing deep down. The only thing you should be concerned about is the surrounding part of your vagina. Leave the inside alone. You might also like to download this fact sheet I found on Women’s Health about douching. I found it very informative.

Wash from Front to Back 

And not the other way round. Washing or cleaning from anus to vagina exposes it to a lot of bacteria, harmful bacteria. So,  wash and clean backwards. Also,  clean gently. Don’t be too harsh on that skin. The vagina isn’t like any other part of your skin. Rough handling doesn’t mean proper cleansing. Your vagina is sad that you do that. 

Make your vagina happy today, will you? Please share any other tips in the comments section. I would also like to hear your thoughts about having a happy vagina.

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