5 ways to make your nail polish last longer

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Okay, you have your favorite colour of nail polish on and you don’t want it off anytime soon. You are now probably here because you typed into Google – how to make your nail polish last longer. If you have the nail polish right on your nails you definitely need to consider how to make them stay longer and attractive at the same time.

Okay, so how do you make your nail polish last longer?

-Don’t let the nail polish be on your cuticle

When you apply your nail polish, don’t let it be on your cuticle. If it runs into your cuticle, it will lift up and chip the nail polish in no time. Paint away from it.

-Apply a sticky base coat

There are many base coats you can apply on your nails just before you use a colour on it. Some manicurists use the colourless nail polish as base coat to make it last longer. You should also make sure that the tip of your nail is coated twice with the base coat because it seems to chip off more.

-Let your nails dry naturally

Some of us blow dry our nails with a hot blower. Sometimes we blow it with the air from our mouths. This is wrong. Try to let it dry on its own. You can alternatively dip your finger nails in iced water. This will make it dry faster and come out naturally strong.

– Reapply your colourless nail polish every two to three days

Apply this to your nails to make it last longer and enhance the shine. Try to get quality top coats. You will be needing it very frequently.

– Apply glitter

When your nails start chipping of, apply some glitter to conceal it and make the rest of the nail polish become stronger.

What do you do to make your nail polish last longer?

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