make your money last as a single person

5 ways to make your money last as a single person || Oluwafunmbi Purpose

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I was on my own jejely on Saturday when I stumbled on Oluwafunmbi Purpose’s post on how to make your money last as a single. I am not going to keep this one to myself so, enjoy the semi hilarious suggestions by Oluwafunmbi:

1. Trust God for direction and guidance on things to do; he will help you not to be a spendthrift.

2. Don’t have unprotected sex/Stay chaste; you will not be buying antibiotics to treat infection or postinor to prevent pregnancy.

3. Fast and pray often; fasting will make your food last.

4. Eat healthy; junks take more money and won’t keep you in shape, you’ll end up buying slimming tea and skipping rope to keep yourself in shape.

5. Rest; you will spend less on transport for visiting friends unnecessarily.

Oya my people, come and drop your own in the comments section.

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