5 Ways to Get Your Groove Back

Happy black woman getting her groove

Let’s face it, there are days when we just feel meh. Not depressed as such, just meh. It could be temporary,  it could also go on for as long as you never imagined. But what do we do on such days? Mope around? Cry and wish we were dead? Okay,  I wished several times that I didn’t exist when I felt this way. On such days, it seems to feel like you’d never ever be happy again and that to me is a terrible feeling. But guess what? Like every other problem,  this also has a solution so when next you feel slightly depressed,  meh or just not it,  try these :

Do music

Preferably loud or very very loud. Truth is that this may give you only a temporal relief but do it anyway. Let music seep into your soul,  enjoy it and dance like you’ve got only the day to yourself.

Take a vacation 

For times when this meh feeling is beginning to take longer than usual,  plan a vacation if you can. Get a way from everything you are used to. The workload, smell of school, troublesome siblings,  just get away.

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Take a walk 

Get outside and take a deep breathe. Get dressed in one of your most comfortable yet stylish outfits, put on some makeup,  feel really cool with your look and get the heck out. End up at an amusement park,  the cinema or an eatery. Otherwise,  stroll for as long as you want.

Visit friends

Ever noticed that staying alone in doors all day depresses you? If you don’t feel that way in hours,  you would feel depressed in days. This is a sign that you need companionship. You should go have real life chats with a physical person. Get off social media, it’ll worsen it.

Do something special for someone 

Send a friend some airtime. Cook for your neighbor. Give someone a call. Donate some of your less worn clothes and shoes.

In what other ways do you get your groove back?

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