5 Tips to Creating Awesome Content for your blog

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Creating awesome content for your blog

Creating mind blowing, relevant, awesome content for your blog is one of the major challenges you are probably struggling with. Content development is a deliberate process. It is an intentional move to capture your readers, get them to trust your authority and eventually stay glued to your message. You can actually get your readers to read your blog posts more frequently by creating buzz-worthy content.

Creating awesome content for your blog never happens accidentally. Sure there are unexpected boom moments for your blog as a whole, content development is not one of them. It involves generating the idea, researching on it, collating necessary information and gathering them into a piece, editing and finally publishing. Oh well, it doesn’t end there, after publishing, it’s damn time to market and get the blog post out there. I hear you sighing. Heck yeah, nobody said blogging was for lazy people.

Today, on this segment, I want to give out 5 tips to help you create irresistible content for your blog. I want you to picture this as a guide. There will be very many things you will pick up in this blogging life as you move on and gradually your content creation strategy becomes as excellent as it should be. So, here we go:

1. Be original

I want to say that there is every possibility that new ideas are just refined old or stale ideas. Nothing comes from nothing. Something inspires you. A word is enough, an activity, an experience, a story – fiction or not, a mistake, anything is enough to inspire you. So really ideas are just recycled packages. But here is how to be original:

-Form your own words

-Never copy and paste

Now, an article might inspire you to write a sequel on your blog. It is sometimes tempting to wish you wrote a particularly beautiful phrase or paragraph written by someone. Don’t fall for it. Form your own words, express your own ideas your own way.

Never lift something off someone’s else’s work without giving due credit. It eventually becomes shameful if it is later noticed that your content is from another work. Gradually, you begin to lose loyalty and trust. Don’t be tempted.

2. Construct strong and appealing headlines

Perfect headlines are enough to attract the right type of people. Practise writing headlines that will bring blog post engagement even before your readers read the content. Watch out for what people in your niche are doing. How they write and attract people with stringing of words into  powerful baits. There are many rules out there for writing powerful, attractive headlines. I do not say they don’t apply, they are good as general rules but I’ll say that you study what’s going on in your niche.

Note how your competitors create titles around trending topics. Practise and experiment. Be flexible enough to change or totally stop what is not working. Lists generally do well e.g “10 ways to be foolish”. What I have up there as this blog post’s title too is another example. But if you find out that it is going nowhere with your blog, switch. Some blogs have readers with long attention span, they want details. Lists don’t and won’t work for them. Tech and science bloggers will bear me witness on this one.

3. Solve Problems

People rarely want to hear you rant on your blog these days. You have to be some sort of celebrity with a dazzling lifestyle to pull that off. Let your blog post solve a particular problem, answer a question or bring some relief directly or indirectly. Inform about something new, debunk some myth, help them get better at something, create and write value.

Value is expensive. I agree with you if you say the buzz these days is around gossip and that these go more viral. I agree with you totally, completely but let me hint you up on something. A valuable, problem solving article stays forever on your blog. A gossip item is short lived, a valuable, problem solving blog post is on for a longer while. If you are smart about it, that blog post can continually revolutionize your blog into popularity.

4. Use graphics

So, let me start this point with a story. This blog started out with shabby, low quality and ridiculously careless pictures. At the time, some of these pictures could still fly excellently with the content as people shouted endlessly, content is king. Listen up, it is not enough to have valuable or problem solving content. No, it used to be. It isn’t anymore. Have you been to Instagram lately? Bloggers are beginning to blog in there. Oh yes. the graphical orientation of that social media site is seductive.

Draw in your readers with quality graphics. Creating awesome content for your blog involves the use of clear, accurate graphical illustration. If you are going to be writing a food blog post, use good, clear images.

5. Use trends for good

Hear me out on this one, you have to be alert, present and flexible, You should be able to tailor popular gists into something worthwhile for your blog. Creating awesome content for your blog involves that you are creative and spontaneous.

If for example, a new phone release is trending on social media and blogs, you should be able to harness the goodness of the trend of the moment. It doesn’t matter if your blog is not techy, get in some idea mood. You can as a lifestyle blogger write a blog post on “Your phone can now give your blog quality pictures”. Latch on the trend and create an informative post about the new phone specification. If you can get buzz for the blog post, just sit back and watch it go viral.

Creating awesome, viral content for your blog requires that you put on your creativity cap as frequently as you can. Be open to changes and tweaks in your blogging niche. I always say that it takes a lot of practice and that is exactly what it is, no two ways around this, practice, practice, practice.

Do you have questions on how to make your blog content awesome? Ask below in the comments section and have fun blogging.

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