5 tips to being the best version of yourself

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Happy woman being the best version of herself

Taiwo and Kehinde are twins

Taiwo has a beautiful singing voice and Kehinde has a creative designing hand. She makes beautiful designs on her clothes and paper decorations for her room’s wall. People would think she imports the cloth she wears and the decors in her room.

Kehinde also has her way with words. She could win anybody over with her words. Sad thing however is that she is not proud of her works. She wants to sing. She feels jealous whenever Taiwo sings and is commended.

She also has low self esteem. She doesn’t believe her works are beautiful and so she believes that anyone that commends her mocks her. She also does not know that she can be the best and stand out in her designing if she invests in becoming better. She wants to be like her sister because she believes that it’s only in music and other stage work that one can shine.

Her jealousy for her sister eventually grows into hatred. She ignores her designing talent and covets singing. She is close to losing her sweet words because of her cold attitude towards Taiwo. In her quest for something that is not hers, Kehinde has only succeeded in losing things that are hers and gaining inferiority complex.

Today, we have thousands of Kehindes in the world.

As an individual, as a woman there are things you must know and do if you want to be the best version of you, if you want to you to stand out


The sun is a great light. It doesn’t make the moon less great. They only have different times to be seen. The same thing goes for humans. We’re made for different purposes. Every woman is gifted but not every woman is aware of her gifting. A person’s talent is her strength. Your talent is that thing you naturally do well.


It is not only in the entertainment and sport sectors that people are talented. That woman that cleans so well may have a cleaning talent. Identify your talent(s). Yes, they can be more than one. What is that thing that comes naturally to you?  It could be words, like Kehinde in the story or any other thing. Every talent is significant in their own way.


Kehinde in the story could have been a great designer if she had invested in the talent(strength). A man once said: ” invest in your strength, ignore your weakness. Make your strength so strong that it overshadows your weakness”. By investing I mean:

*Studying in your talented area

*Interacting with people in the field to know things they have done and how it worked for them

*Opening up to new ideas and criticism

*Doing what you do consistently

If Kehinde becomes a world class designer, her inability to sing well will be ignored or not noticed by people.


Build a self confidence that no wind or storm of life can shake. Believe so much in yourself that it becomes an offense to those who don’t believe in you. Build a healthy self esteem. Everyone will definitely not like you or the things you’re good at but your response to them is a great factor to your greatness. Tell yourself you’re the best and work consistently to actualize it. Be positive. A positive mind will yield positive actions and positive results.


Seeking help from the Giver of your gift(s) enlightens your understanding of the gifts
Prayer exposes you to ideas. Prayer guides us on the right ways or things to invest in.

The key to your success and greatness is in your hands. You must plant before you expect an harvest. Apart from planting, there’s also watering, weeding and maybe adding manure.

You must be diligent in your doings. Do more than the usual. Increase your efficiency. Set your standard above normal and don’t compromise it.

You can be the best version of you.

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