5 Things to Quit Right Now!

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5 things to quit right now

5 Things to Quit Right Now is inspired by a picture I saw on Instagram. A fellow blogger – Jopasdaughter posted this and I got to find out that it is a popular image circulating round. I pondered on more than one of the points and then decided to make it into an article.

There is a need to constantly quit things. We need to keep upgrading and reshuffling many aspects of our lives because after a while, we are left with a clutter of rubbish. My advice? Declutter. Keep decluttering until you are inspired to declutter more.

It’s very easy to accumulate baggage in relationships – intra-relationships and interrelationships. The sooner we recognize how much these things slow us down, the better and quicker we get to achieving a peaceful and fulfilling life. Here are 5 things to quit right now

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Trying to please everyone

Omg, I was a pro at this one. I usually wanted everyone to have only positive thoughts about me. I would as a result go to absolutely ridiculous lengths to please everyone around me. Little did I know that this had a lot to say about my esteem.

As soon as I became free of this silly behavior, I had so much peace in my life. Listen, you cannot please everyone. In trying to please everyone, you would still displease a lot, you would displease yourself and be left with a frustrated you. Quit it.

Fearing change

We are all used to the popular talk about the fact that change is constant. Yes,  it is. Change is something we should long for. Never fear to change your career or job if it doesn’t bring fulfillment. Do not be afraid to change your style, your approach to life, your love relationships. Quit fearing change, it is necessary.

Living in the past

If you won’t let the past go,  if you let it linger and dominate the present, it will affect the quality of living. The past is in the past so leave it there. It’s time to move on. It’s time to look for new opportunities and explore new fields. Let the regrets lay low and use the chance you have to live today to turn things around.

Putting yourself down

Do you ever have to put yourself down to prove a point? Quit that now. Do you have to relegate yourself and discard your personality to make a few people pleased, stop that very soon, in fact, now. You matter a lot,  especially to yourself.

So,  never feel as if you have to be lower than someone to be lifted up in any ramification of life- in your relationships, career etc. Even God wants us to always approach him in boldness.


Overthinking will not solve anything. It is such a drainer . Overthinking isn’t what you are supposed to be doing, action is what you should be taking. Do not form the habit of organizing pity parties for yourself. Quit worrying.

5 things to quit now

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