5 things to know to handle conflict and misconception

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So today we are discussing a sensitive topic that has affected our communication and rapport with people, either in our relationship, at our work place, etc.

Understanding why people act the way they do will help you relate and bond well with each other in the course of disagreement.

Oftentimes, when you disagree with others over their submission on a particular subject matter because it is not in tune with yours, it does not necessarily mean they are wrong. You have to understand other people’s model of the world and where they are coming from. This will enable understanding and help you be on this same page with them because people act the way they act based on their knowledge on a subject matter.
Before you start disagreeing with others over a particular subject matter, here are the things you need to note first .


Your upbringing is totally different from others, infact where you are coming from, how you were raised is different from others, so when you see people behave opposite to what you know, take a pause, then ask  this question: it looks opposite to me does it mean it s opposite to others?

It might look opposite to you based on where you are coming from, it might look right to them also based on where they are coming from. So before you disagree with them, know the person you having that discussion with, understand their concept over the subject matter, accept them before showing them the right perceptive to the subject matter without necessarily causing any rift with the person involved.


Your knowledge about a particular issues, discussion is different from an individual coming from a different background. We mention background first because this is the bedrock to people’s behaviors. So since where you are coming from is different from where the other person is coming from, so also the way issues will be handled is different. So before you crucify the person, please calm down and note this. This  that will help you through the process.

Some people just need to leave the place of ignorance to a knowledgeable state. This can only happen when they have the opportunity, and you don’t allow them feel less of who they are. Because when they feel that way, they attack and it results in conflict.


Where you grew up, what you saw, and experienced, who you related with, will be different from others. Your exposure might be well organised than the others. Good, but don’t act in that regards making others feel less lucky. The reason why you see them that way might be their exposure. Help them to see the reality of things. Change is a gradual process, especially when the individual personality does not adapt to change easily.


Our personalities differ. Only those who are aware of this will put theirs to check to fit into the environment they are in. So I advise: get to know yourself first and try as much as possible to know people around you. For example, a personality might show rebellious traits and the other peace maker, there is a difference.

The rebel will want to break rules and protocols while the peace maker is easy going and loves procedure. If this two get married or work in the same office, if the they are not careful, they will experience misunderstanding almost every time and if they do not come to the awareness of whom the other person is.


Nothing means anything except the meaning you give it, which means you are permitted to give meaning to the words, behaviours, attitudes and action of people towards. So when you are about to react to the action of people, take a pause and first see the angle where the person is coming from, if you can’t, then change the meaning of that action to what suits you.

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