5 Quick Tips to Start your week with a bang!

Only very few people are in love with the fact that it is a Monday today and it’s time to begin a new working week. We have enjoyed the weekend and we just want it to go on till forever. The weekend just ended! You are back to working reality and maybe you should consider getting into the groove sooner than your body dictates. It’s time to start your week with a bang, babe

Many women want to own their businesses, it’s not a bad idea. Some are tired of their bosses, others are just overworked and overwhelmed with the workload at the office. Every week is like a cat race. But I promise you that you can start off your week with a bang.

A friend of mine just finished his vacation and lamentations poured in. It was a justified work resumption sadness, you would feel so if you listened too. There is no immediate alternative for now so you really have to use what you have until you can get to where you want.

Here are 5 quick tips to help you start off your working week with a big bang.

1. Do a weekly clear 

As soon as you are on your desk, clear up stuff from last week. Your weekly clear should include files on your desktop, images and documents that you downloaded to your system. Have a separate folder and name it ‘Weekly clear’. Dump them all in. Clear your desk and have a space breather.

2. Start off with a weekly plan

If you are going to start off your week with a bang, you will need to get a good planner. Write down your goals for the week. You need some clarity. List them one by one and begin to tick off what you have done so far. Writing and ticking off gives you a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. You finally feel you are doing something worthwhile. Instead of running around worrying and doing nothing, actually do something by having a plan.

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3. Easy, baby

Take this one step at a time. There is usually one hell of a mad rush on Mondays. It’s not real, it’s just a feeling. Get over that feeling and breathe slowly. Do not think about all you have to do for the whole week in just one second. Take this gradually. Complete a task and then move on to the next and to the next, until you are done. Don’t overwork your brain before you overwork your body.

4. Wake up an hour earlier

If you are going to start your week right, you need to get into the mood. Wake up an hour or 30 minutes earlier to meditate. You are not to worry about how the week is going to look like, you are to meditate. You can do this on Sunday night too. You can then have an overview of how you want to accomplish the week’s task. The faster you get into the work groove, the better. Just do that on your own terms. Waking up late and rushing to meet up with Monday can ruin your whole week!

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5. Dress up, slay and look incredibly good

Yeah right! Start your week looking awesome. This is capable of boosting your confidence. It can spike up your confidence levels to very high. When you are satisfactorily dressed, it gives you the right start. The idea is to start your week right so get one of your best work clothes and probably, wear your new pair of footwear today.

The plan is to start your week with a bang and if you can do more than three on the list we have here, you are on your way to having a fabulous week starting from now. Have fun. Let me know how your week went on Friday. I send you all the positivity and love and strength (mental, emotional, physical) that you need to slay at work.

Photo credit : ItFactor