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5 Proven Ways to Attract Brands to Work with You as a Blogger

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Having brands to work with you is one of the best things that can happen to you as a blogger. Not only is this opportunity a potential source of income, it is a good way to expose your brand.

Another interesting thing with working with brands is that it attracts other brands. If a brand is comfortable enough to collaborate with you, it’s definitely a sign that others can work with you.

There are times that bloggers land these collaborative opportunities without even looking. It’s more like, they are doing their own thing and oh well, this brand just took interest. Win-win right?

Other times, bloggers have to intentionally prepare themselves and their blogs to be attractive to brands. While some bloggers reach out to these brands, other bloggers are lucky enough to get these brands to reach out to them on their own. It goes without saying that something definitely causes the pull.

You can get brands attracted to your lifestyle blog. Let me show you proven methods to bring them running to your doorstep.

1. Prepare your blog for brands

If you want brands to be interested in what you can offer them, you have to show them beforehand. Here is how to show them that you are the best thing that can happen to them:

-Have a clean blog layout

A messy blog layout screams that you are not professional. There are so many times that I land on lifestyle blogs as a visitor to meet adverts everywhere. Sometimes it is not even the many adverts, it is the layout of the blog itself. There is no definite and organized theme. Everywhere is splayed with articles and what-nots. This makes you come off as someone who doesn’t know what he is doing.

-Create a header that speaks volumes 

An attractive header with a strong call is a message on its own. Get your blog attractive to brands by installing a clean, clear and beautiful header. Please don’t have a blurry header. Whatever you do, avoid clutter in your header.

-Get a professional blog domain name

No brand wants to work with Don’t push brands further away. Let your blog domain introduce yourself, let it represent your seriousness.

-Let your blog name rhyme with the voice of your blog

Your blog name can make or mar the ultimate purpose of your blog. One tip is to try as much as possible to make your blog name the same or very similar to your blog domain name.

– Blog quality

A prospective brand can tell who is worth working with or not. If you are going to attract brands to work with you as a lifestyle blogger, you will have to give them a reason to. If you don’t get them to see what you can do with them, they won’t approach you. Your blog articles are the contents of your CV! Create awesome content, that’s your portfolio. Impress them. In impressing brands, you are adding matchless value to your blog.

2. Review products of brands that interest you

You can give brands a taste of what you are capable of doing. You can review one of a brand’s product. Let your review speak professionalism and class. Be honest and clear about the product as much as possible. Even if the brand whose product you reviewed does not look at your capabilities, another brand may pick interest in you.

3. Call for collaborations

State clearly on your blog that you are open to collaborations with brands. Pitch to these brands right there on your blog. A tip is to have a page on your blog that is named, “Collaborate” or “Work with me” or even “Advertise“.

4. Collaborate with a brand for free

While you are waiting for the big brands to notice you, approach a smaller brand to work with them for free. Let bigger brands come to your blog and have a feel of what you can do with them.

5. Reach out to these brands

Well, the worst you can get is a no and that’s about it. It doesn’t glue on your blog or on your shoulder, you move on. If you have set things in place, you have made your brand attractive enough and are ready to give your best to the brands coming in, you can approach these brands.

Set the pace yourself. Send an email to them. You can ask someone who works with the brand to put in a word for you.

There you go, attract brands to work with you with these proven tips. Let me know what you think in the comments section. You can also direct your questions to me in the comments section too. Happy collaborations!

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