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5 Incredible Lifestyle Changes for 2019

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This is fast! A month is gone and we are fast spending the second month of 2019. This time last year, I didn’t even know what it would look like this year.

A lot has happened, a whole lot of things have happened to me. From relationships, to Faith, to my career. Oh, really, I should also talk about my new career switch when I am ready. I am not yet, but I will, definitely. You should know about it.

It’s been quite an interesting year already. I kind of think that 2019 is going to be an explosive year and that the turn around is going to be massive. But first, there are lifestyle changes I have begun to practice.

Some of them are little, others are big and drastic. I will share 5 of them with you now and share some others as the year goes by.

lifestyle changes for 2019

1. Self compassion

There’s a certain way other people talk to us and we reject it. We reject the attitude, the words, the whole of it. Sometimes we are vocal about it and ask them not to ever talk or behave like that towards us again.

Ironically, we do this to ourselves. We look down on ourselves, talk down on ourselves, blame ourselves. If we could look at our relationship with ourselves from the outside, we would realize how cruel and mean we treat ourselves.

In 2019, that’s not happening. I will be treating myself with the kind of respect I deserve. If I fail, I will be compassionate and loving towards myself. If I make a mistake in any sphere of life, I will be compassionate and loving towards myself.

2. Little Victories

I will give myself a pat on the back when I do well. I will celebrate my little victories and afterwards sit back to replicate the process for bigger wins.

You know, some of the ungratefulness we are filled with comes from forgetting what has worked so good in the past.

There was a time we did far beyond our expectations. There was a time we worked smart or hard and had things fall in place. Was there a trophy?

I am going to be fine if it is a movie date with myself or a luxurious buy, or some rest, or some self care. Whatever it is, I am making the decision to celebrate my small victories

3. Healthy choices

So, in Lagos, you have to understand and practice discipline to be healthy because everything is in place for you to fail. The Lagos traffic food cravings is number one..

This year, I am replacing fizzy drinks and carbonated liquids with water and smoothies. This may not always work for me 100% but a firm decision will cause this to work 99%.

With intermittent fasting, I have been very aware of my food and lifestyle choices. You should try it too. Even if it’s just for a week.

4. Grieve, and move on quickly

One of the things my Pastor said two Sundays ago was that if you are expecting testimonies, there are going to be bumps on the way. And I completely agree because smooth rides never make sweet testimonies.

So, even though I am not looking forward to rough patches, I expect some unpleasant things to crop up in my process. So, I will take time to grieve.

I am fond of not grieving. I jump on to the next thing like nothing happened. So, I will allow some grieving time and move on quickly. This is not going to be second nature so I will learn and practice with very little circumstances, especially the ones I can’t control.

A bus conductor using cuss words on me. A slight disappointment by a client. A short of blog traffic in a certain day. An insensitive familly member’s snide remark. I will grieve, and move on quickly.

5. Incorporate organics into my skin care

Ever since I was introduced to Young Living, skin care routines and buys have changed. I will get on to becoming intentional about skin care products and use.

With time, this year, I will be very used to organics, natural and essential oil products.

Recently, I began to try out Young Living Sandalwood moisturizing cream and have found out that what a friend said to me is exactly true.

She said I may be overproducing facial oil because I am not moisturizing properly. I used to think that moisturizing an oily face is disastrous. Now, I know better. A review of Young Living’s Sandalwood will come soon.

What new lifestyle changes have you incorporated / will you incorporate in 2019?

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