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5 healthy ways to gain weight

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Healthy food items to gain weight with

Hello Ladies, today I’m stepping a little out of the ordinary. While so many want to lose weight, there are few slimmies that badly want to add even small weight.
Let’s see how what ladies in this category can consider healthy ways to gain weight.


Eat meals at every 3-5 hours interval.The best way you can prevent your body from losing important tissue is by eating regularly. Whenever you skip meals, you deprive your body of the energy it needs to work effectively, causing it to tap from stored energy which also includes muscle mass. Click here to read on healthy ways to eat healthy consistently. 


Eating different types of food containing different nutrients at once gives the body different options to work with throughout the day. It is an easy and health way to gain weight.


Eat meals that have large portion of carbohydrate, protein or fat packed in a small serving, to avoid junks and eating large portion. E.g of dense foods are sweet potatoes, almond, mushroom, great peas, tomatoes, etc


Liquid foods do not fill up as much as solid foods. So in order  not to feel always stuffed with food in your bid to gain weight, drink. Things like 100% fruit juice, organic skimmed milk and smoothies are advisable.


Eat a bowl of salad or any lean protein e.g beans in small portion before sleeping.
Most of the repairs and healing in our bodies take place while we sleep. A fresh supply of the right nutrient before we sleep gives the body what to work with

I’m particularly excited about this post, because it’s all healthy. I’m hoping you try it and send in testimony. Cheers?

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