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5 Health Benefits of Apples

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“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”

You must have heard this quote over and over again and yes! That’s true. Apples are not only delicious,  they are nutritious. The health benefits of apples are so immense that we cannot overlook them. I did a research on Flavonoids and their biological activities. This study led me to the discovery of Apples and the flavonoids abundance. Apples are very rich in antioxidants. Their nutraceutical benefits have also increased their importance in the human system. Read on to discover 5 of the health benefits of apples.

1. Apples fill you up faster

Apples have so much of fiber in them so eating them regularly helps you to become full faster and for a longer time too. It takes our digestive systems longer to digest complex fibers as those we have in apples. This means a lot to anybody trying to lose weight because hunger pangs reduce and there is the advantage of lesser calorie intake. Apples contain just about 95 calories for a medium size. It is recommended that eating apples early in the morning will help to reduce hunger pangs later in the day.

2. Apples may fight cancer.

In 2004, French research found that a chemical in apples helped prevent colon cancer, WebMD reported. And in 2007, a study from Cornell University found additional compounds, called triterpenoids, which seem to fight against liver, colon, and breast cancers. This health benefit of Apple is another potential reason to find the fruit a must-eat at least once everyday because of the increase in cases of cancer.

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3. Apples are good for the heart

It’s no more news that many people are very particular about their heart health and this is very valid. “Last year, the Iowa Women’s Health Study reported that, among the 34,000-plus women it’s been tracking for nearly 20 years, apples were associated with a lower risk of death from both coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease. Some years earlier, Finnish researchers studying dietary data collected over 28 years from 9,208 men and women found that frequent apple eaters had the lowest risk of suffering strokes compared with non-apple eaters.” This extraordinary benefits of apples is attributed to the antioxidant compounds found in it. These compounds prevent LDL cholesterol from oxidizing. The soluble fiber in apples also lower cholesterol levels.

4. They can help breathing problems.

The health  benefits of apples extend even further: A 2007 study found that women who eat plenty of apples are less likely to have children with asthma. Isn’t that as revealing?  Five or more apples a week (less than an apple a day!) has been linked with better lung function, most likely because of an antioxidant called quercetin found in the skin of apples (as well as in onions and tomatoes), the BBC reports.

5. Apples boost the immune system

The immune system is a very important physiological system in the body and apples have been known to positively improve its functioning.  While we know that citrus fruits are currently the chief sources of Vitamin C,  apples are also considered a good source of immune system-boosting vitamin C, with over 8 milligrams per medium-sized fruit, which amounts to roughly 14 percent of your daily recommended intake. A strong immune system is needed for a healthy body and so apples are indispensable on this note.

The health benefits of apples are immense. Eat one everyday.

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