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5 Easy Yet Effective Tips To Keep Your Bedroom Clean

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What makes a bedroom inviting? Is it the design? Is it furniture and appliances?

Well, these things might help. However, making a bedroom conducive for rest doesn’t really require costly renovation and investment. The only thing that you have to do is to ensure that it will remain clean all the time.

A messy bedroom is not the right place to rest. The clutter and rubbish can easily disturb someone’s relaxation. It might not be the reason why you are not sleeping properly.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your bedroom is an important task. But don’t worry. Even if you are not really into house grooming, you can always make this possible.

For starters, here are 5 easy tips to keep your bedroom clean.

Don’t Make It Your Garage

Isn’t the purpose of your bedroom is to serve as a place for you to relax and sleep? I am pretty sure that we are aware of this fact. However, it seems that we always violate this all the time.

Most of the bedrooms that I have visited have one common feature: they are made as storage rooms. You see, we typically confuse our bedrooms as our personalized garage. While it is true that it is our personal space, that doesn’t mean that you can store various stuff there already.

There is a good chance that the clutter in your bedroom might be caused by the boxes and cartons you stored in there. You can always deal with it by just removing them out from the room. It would be better if you put them on appropriate storage areas.

If some items in your bedroom are no longer needed, you have to donate them instead. Not only you freed some space, but you were also able to help other people.

By the way, for people who are planning to convert their homes and properties into a vacation rental business, having a clean and organized bedroom is necessary. Hiring the services of an Airbnb cleaner can help you achieve this perfection.

Clean Your Bed First Thing In The Morning

Most of us are always caught by rush hours. Because we have pressing schedules, it is quite difficult for us to have sound morning preparation. Once the alarm rings, we immediately jump out of our bed, which leaves the latter full of mess.

It doesn’t matter if such move is justifiable or not. What you need to realize is that little things matter.

If you can make your bed fresh all the time, the rest will follow. Once you have cleaned your bed, you will realize that it is not enough. You will be forced to clean its surroundings, too, because that strikes a perfect balance and harmony.

You might also want to use soft pillows with the highest quality in your bed. After all, they are easy to wash and requires less maintenance.

Keep Washing The Fabrics

Another thing that you need to do is to have a regular washing schedule to your blankets, sheets, and curtains. These special bedroom amenities are prone to dirtiness on a daily basis.

For instance, the curtains are the ones that catch the dust and dirt coming outside. It is easy for these little messes to accumulate in the entire curtain fabric, causing the latter to be dusty. Of course, there’s also a good chance for the dust to land on your bed sheets and blankets.

Letting these invaders unchecked will not only cause your bedroom to be dirty; they can also cause allergies.

Because of this, there’s a need for you to clean them from time to time. Don’t worry. This won’t become a difficult task.

Most of the curtains and blankets today can be washed through washing machines. In fact, even the mini washing machines will do!. You just have to choose the appropriate washing machine detergents to ensure a thorough cleaning.

Make The Floor Off-Limits

No items should be seen lingering on the floor. It is an important rule that you have to adhere at all times. Bags, clothing, office materials, or even your toys should not be present there.

It is not right that you let them be. They can make your bedroom instantly messy and cluttered. Furthermore, they can also double the hazard of tripping or sliding over, which is not really good at all.

Learn to do proper organization of your stuff. You have to throw away those things that you deem garbage already. For your clothes and shoes, there are always cabinets and shoe racks where you can place them.

The key here is to stop being lazy at all.

Do a Monthly Deep Cleaning

Finally, you need to implement a regular monthly cleaning in your bedroom. Of course, this is not the same as the cleaning regimen that you on a daily basis. This one involves thorough and massive extermination of everything that is dirty in your bedroom.

You might need to move out some of the items out of the bedroom first. In this way, you can have access to the nooks and hard-to-reach areas of the room. You should do a lot of dusting and vacuuming, too.

This is also the perfect time to rearrange the placement of your bedroom items and appliances. You will be able to redecorate the area so that it can have better appeal and space management.

Wrapping It Up

It is very crucial that your bedroom will remain tidy at all times. It is the very place in your house where you sleep and relax. If you let it be compromised by dirt and clutter, you will never find repose at there at all.

Just follow the tips that I have listed here, and you will be able to prevent such dirty nuisances from taking place. They are comfortable and downright effective!

That’s it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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My name is Layla Parker, the founder and chief editor of I decided to start taking my blog about sleep seriously to help people find what they need to experience better sleep and maintain their health. Do check out my website to learn more how to improve it now!

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