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35+ Easter blog post ideas for your blog

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It’s April and of course, Easter! Just yesterday, I began to see many brands launch their Easter promo adds on Google Adwords campaigns, Instagram, Facebook, and the likes. That was a nudge, it is time to incorporate Easter related posts in the mix. I am not going to selfish, I am bringing you along with some juicy Easter blog post ideas.

If I would admit, finding some inspiration for Easter blogging isn’t as easy as you would for Christmas or the New Year because I assume that Easter is a much more serious holiday than the others. The weight the purpose of this celebration carries is more times heavier than the other ones we celebrate.

I will nevertheless give you fresh Easter blog post ideas from which you can explore and pick from no matter the niche of blogging you write on. Let’s dive straight in.

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30+ Easter blog post ideas, blog post ideas for Easter, Esther Adeniyi, Easter blog post ideas for bloggers.

1. Self-care ideas to try this Easter

2. What to wear on Easter Sunday

3. Cute Easter party ideas for children

4. Easter desserts for kids

5. Chocolate desserts for Easter

6. How to stay fit during the Easter season

7. 5 healthy recipes to try this Easter

8. Easter Blog post ideas

9. Where to find great Easter deals

10. How to save for Easter shopping

11. The true meaning of Easter

12. Explaining Easter to your kids

13. Beautiful DIY’s for Easter

14. What no one told you about Easter

15. Perfect Easter inspired makeup tutorial

16. Easter inspired nail art and designs

17. Easter inspired home decor

18. How to plan a successful Easter home party

19. Top 5 places to travel to this Easter

20. My Easter wish list

21. The most embarrassing Easter story ever

22. Bright and colourful Easter graphics design to pick from

23. Easter brunch ideas for the clueless mom

24. Easter inspired outfits for church

25. Easter outfit of the day

26. Egg crafts to try for Easter

27. Cheap Easter activities for the family

28. Top 10 Easter movie picks on Netflix

29. My favorite Easter playlist collection

30. How not to overspend this Easter

31. Where to buy cheap Easter crafts

32. The perfect collection of Easter gift ideas

33. Vegan inspired Easter recipes

34. Easter card DIYs

35. What Easter means to you

36. All time best Hollywood/Bollywood/Nollywood Easter movies

Do you have other blog post ideas and suggestions? Please add them in the comment box below.

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