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5 Easter blog post ideas

It’s the Easter period again and I bet you have been brainstorming ideas on what to write about on your blog

Fellow bloggers,  we have Friday,  Saturday, Sunday and Monday to center the theme of our posts around this celebration if we want to.  I decided to craft this post to give you some more ideas in case you are beginning to finally find a way around it.

Honestly speaking,  finding some inspiration for Easter blogging isn’t as easy as you would for Christmas or the New Year because I assume that Easter is a much more serious holiday than the others. The weight the purpose of this celebration carries is more times heavier than the other ones we celebrate.

Below are some categories to explore from

1.True Meaning of Easter

You will agree with me that some of the events we celebrate have truly lost their meanings.  Some of us are entrapped in the thoughts of giveaways, promos,  bazaars and the exhibitions.

If you could do a little research, you could pull off a nice blog post about the true meaning of Easter to let your readers be reminded of the reason for the season.

2. Easter Activities 

This could be another nice post for Easter.  You could inform your readers about different things they could do to celebrate Christ‘s death and resurrection,  films they should watch,  documentaries you have stumbled on and how to catch fun generally.

Give them ideas on cool places around you where singles can celebrate Easter,  where a family can have alone time or programs and events you have heard about and think might be fun.

3. Easter Recipes

There we go,  food bloggers. Another season to explore and dream.  Present to your readers fresh recipes.  You should know that the married women are already up and about looking for how to spice things up already.

Even singles will relish the thought of doing something different this Easter.  Play around the chicken and bring something cool all together up.

4. Easter Sunday Service 

Fashion bloggers may find this really cool.  How about giving insights on what to wear to church on Easter Sunday?

Personal bloggers could take pictures of Sunday activities and blog about it.  You could discuss what and what you have gained in this period of Easter especially the Sunday Sermon.

5. Easter Party Ideas

This can make up another brilliant post for Easter.  Party Ideas! Easter design inspiration,  music for the kids,  how to use up your small space for a nice cool Easter Party,  invitation tactic,  cards design and presentation,  gift wrapping etc.

I hope you draw fresh inspiration from this post. You can get more Easter blog post ideas here. Blog on blogger!

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