3 tips to help you on your journey to self discovery

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Young happy woman on a journey to self discovery

We all want to live a purposeful life without sabotaging who we are.  I remember how frustrated I was because I was not aware of what I ought to do or what steps to take in other to fully discover who I am and what I represent. I will be sharing  tips that helped me through this  journey of self discovery and I am still  using it.

Let begin with this

Do you know yourself well?  Are you clear about what you want in life?

Well these questions pop in at one point in our life especially when we are not getting  excepted  result in our life. Not to worry, if you are reading today you can pick  few tips  to help you  understand who you are and what to do in other to feel fulfilled. Understanding your journey will help  you discover yourself fully and allow you take decisions that will  enhance your productivity.

The essence of self discovery is to create an awareness of you and directions to go in life.
When you come to the realization of who you are, and what you represent it is easier for you to develop yourself, also help you build your esteem, personally develop yourself, get help where you need to,  skillfully empower yourself. etc. There are things you ought to know first to fully understand your self discovery journey.

A, Nature : The first step  into self discovery is where you are coming from, the way you were raised by your parent, what you were taught,  things you were exposed to are part of your nature because they consist of your upbringing.

During the realization of who you are,  different questions begin to come up. You discover how you got to know  some particular things, what your parent passed on to you the effect of your environment on you. As you continue to ask different questions there is a need to note all that you came across, this will help you make your decisions.

B, Nurture : During this process  you have a decision  to make. What and what should be allowed in your life. And it begins with the nature (your upbringing) .

The realization of how you were brought up and what you are exposed to will help you build  the woman you want to be. You know which is right at this process, you know what will  personally enhance you. Changing your company of friends, staying in an empowering  environment. intentionally living  a life you have decided for yourself.

Realizing these two will bring different awareness of who you are ,which I also experienced. At the long run these few steps  help  you discover yourself fully

1. Learn to take responsibility

At times we want to shift blames and responsibility to the nearest person to us. Doing this will only make you shy away from the decisions you ought to made.

Taking responsibility for your life is not a mere play cos you have to come to the realization of what and who you are , and what you intend to become. So you don’t have to blame others  for things that happened in your life.  Instead you take responsibility and look for the solution to be better. Either you had a rough upbringing or not,  either  you were molested,  either you had a parent or not, it doesn’t  matter anymore cos what Is important now is the step you are willing to take by saying, i know I went through this but I am willing  to rewrite my story by going through this steps, by becoming responsible to what I do hence forth.

You have a choice and the responsibility to make  the right  one  is on you. I tell  people,  you are responsible for your  happiness. Nobody, I mean  nobody  can be responsible  for your  happiness.
You can choose  to be happy,  you can choose  to be angry  or even  choose to ignore. So stop giving people permission to be the ruler of your life. live your life and take decisions. And let it be that you made the choice not because someone, somewhere did .

2. Build character not reputation :

Have you ever wonder what happened to the  people you know  and respect? What happened to them all of a sudden how they became irrelevant ? We often get carried away with reputation,  what people say we are get to us and we forget to build who we really are. When you  focus on building your reputation and ignoring self character, there will be a day where reputation might not be able to sustain you any more.

Character  will  sustain  your  reputation. Your character is the you, self, how you have been able to nourish yourself. Reputation is what  people say  about you. This  people  will not  last when they don’t  get a sustainable value. as you journey through discovery yourself. Build character, concentrate on it and nurture  it well.  it will then reflect your  reputation.

3. Be intentional about  it:

 It is one thing to do all these things,  another thing to be intentional about  it. You cant be force  to discover or nurture yourself. There is a place of self wiliness, determination to build a purposeful life even when  it might seems not easy at first. The process of growth is not ones,  it  a gradual journey that  needs concentration and determination to go through it.  You have got to be intentional about what you want, stand  firm and don’t give up on it.

Even when it seems as if you are not getting the excepted results Note  this,  there is no failure, we only  have feedback. The feedback will help you know where you need to improve better. Check your life,  if there  are still  things lagging  behind  it does  not mean  you are a failure, look out for the feedback  and work  on it.

Remember you are responsible for your life and the journey to self discovery depends on how you see yourself and how you intend to work on it.

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  1. Take responsibilities.
    Build Character not reputation.
    Be intentional.

    Salient points. Great Post.

  2. These 3 tips would be a huge help on your journey.

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