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3 Dumb Mistakes to Avoid as a New Blogger

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avoid these blogging mistakes

The most common advice I give to people just starting out a blogging career is to stand on the shoulders of people who have been there. I started blogging when very few people understood what it meant. I therefore had very little practical experience.

Of course, I read e-books and many articles online but really, there’s nothing like learning firsthand or learning from someone who has learned firsthand.

I want to quickly share with you 3 mistakes to avoid when you are just starting to blog.


1. Not making enough blogging friends

Here is one mistake I made in my first few years of blogging and it affected me big time. I was such a loner here. I did things all alone, learned all alone, made mistakes all alone. I rarely had anyone to reach out to.

One consolation I have is that there were not many serious bloggers. If I had however consciously reached out to see the few people available, I should have climbed up faster.

So, connect with other bloggers, especially those in your niche. Here is an article on how to connect with bloggers. It should help you. Join blogging groups on Facebook, whatsapp or Google+. Be active in the blogging community.

2. ‎ Not optimizing your blog for search engine visibility

I started to learn the nitty gritty of SEO way too late. What a dumb mistake to make as a blogger. It’s okay if I didn’t intend to make much of my blogging career. But for such a serious venture as blogging is to me, it was a stupid mistake to rely only on social media and direct traffic.

Begin to make your posts search engine optimized. Optimize your images. Begin building links. Have an accurate meta description. Learn about keyword, keyword density and most important semantics.

3. ‎ Focusing too much on your blog

I am not surprised that you are surprised to hear this. Focusing too much on your blog will get you isolated. I know how it can be difficult to curate blog content. Sourcing, taking or editing pictures for your blog can be time draining too.

Here is what I’ll advise. Plan your blogging time. Be intentional about how much time you want to spend on your blog. Begin to visit other blogs too. In fact, guest post. Pass meaningful comments on people’s blogs. Do not go around doing ‘nice’, ‘k’, ‘great post’ on people’s blogs. It’s a slap on the totality of your brand.

What mistakes have you made in your early years of blogging? What would you wish to change if you had to go back in time to the beginning of your blogging career? Please share in the comments section.


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  1. Thank you Esther! Heaven knows I needed this.

    Oh and this is me applying rule 3☺

    1. I am glad this came at a time you needed it Tomiwa.

  2. I made all the three, Esther. It's wiser to learn from those who have beem there.

    1. Exactly. This is not even limited to blogging. In every and any field, you move up faster when you learn from other people. No time to be wasting time.

  3. These are saving tips for Bloggers indeed.
    No matter how much learnt before starting a blog, there is still a huge chance of making mistakes and having a lot of hard time at the initial stage.

    But these three are as so crucial.

    I still think SEO is one crazy stuff though!

    1. Very true.

      About SEO, I can be strongly opinionated about it. You have to pick your call in the vast SEO knowledge. You will have to eventually learn what works for you and stick to it. You also have to be smart not to follow everything everybody says about SEO.

      Learn the basics and then begin to apply some of them. In all, stay true to your voice as a blogger. If you are not careful, SEO can drown your blogging purpose but if you can stay true, gradually you begin to personalize and make it work for you.

  4. You nailed it, Esther. Number two isn't as easy as the three lettered word "SEO" seems. It's kinda tough!

    1. Ahahahahahahah, SEO again. Just like I said in the comment before this one. Learn the basics, begin to apply and experiment. In the process, be yourself.

  5. This is informative. Better to learn from people who have been there. Reduce a whole avoidable work load. Thank you Esther

    1. Thank you too Divine for reading. Cheers…

  6. Ibukunoluwa Adeoye says:

    One would think you never make any mistakes Esther. You are so good at what you do. Thank you for answering the call to become a Blogger. I am considering starting out too. I have read every single post you have here on blogging and I think I am all set. You are so open about your processes too. Thank you Esther. Thank you so much

    1. Awwwwwwwn, this just warmed my heart up. Thank you so much for your positive feedback. You can send me an email or check me up on Facebook if you need any help during your launch. I wish you the very best.

  7. When I first started blogging the mistake I made was not doing enough research to know the best niche for me and I'm still stuck cause of this mistake.

    Thank you for sharing this post although number 3 is really surprising.

    1. Well, one thing I know about finding your niche is that it happens along the line for some people. For others, they know right from start. Whichever way, as long as you are flexible enough to listen… You will be just fine.

      On number 3, yes. You need to start getting to know other bloggers, getting to mix up and becoming interested in what others are doing. Your blogging should not start and finish on your blog.

  8. Super insightful, Esther. Well I'm not surprised. Your contents are never sub-standard. I was MIA for a while and as soon as i got back online, I read all the post i missed. You never disappoint. Keep making impacts Esther.

    By the way- you wrote this post for me.
    Thank you.

    1. Hey Hermazing. Welcome back home. Thank you for your comment.

      I am glad this post resonated with you. Let me know if you have more questions.

      Cheers to blogging.

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  10. Thanks for putting me through this post, I'm glad I read this .I'm new in blogging and this tips has enlighten me more .

    1. I am happy you found tbis useful. Welcome to the Bloggers family and happy blogging.

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