3 Bright Tips to Staying Positive Despite the Hardship

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I found out that one of the many things ‘strangling’ life out of people is “Attitude.” And it is one of the needed ingredients in staying on the surface of life.

Life’s tussles will always come at us but our attitude matters on how we receive them.

Staying positive is very easy. Don’t exclaim. I know that living in the country itself is a tussle but some people still are on the positive side of life.

1. Nothing lasts forever: Methuselah left this earth after over nine hundred years on earth. I wonder what he was doing. So with this consciousness, I want you to know that your problem cannot last forever only if you put on a positive attitude. I am not saying you should fake it as though you don’t have a problem but you need to focus on how to overcome the challenge.

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2. Wake up each day with a positive attitude of “I conquered yesterday, I can conquer today.” This will really help you. There is a way the mind is conditioned in the early hours of the morning. What you think about before going out for the day matters a lot. Don’t read the news before going out. I am pleading with you. Read something positive instead.

3. Have the mentality that you are not the saviour of the world. You should take things easy on yourself. Even if you fail to achieve what you have set out to do, keep at it. Never allow a single attempt change your attitude. Our Buhari has been contesting since 2003 and he won in 2015.

Put on a smile. Step out. Be cheerful. Pay attention to positive news and you will see yourself soaring.

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This article was written by Ilesanmi Paul

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