25 things in 25 years

25 Things I learned In 25 Years

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September 6, 2018, has been my best birthday so far. So, somehow I enter into my very own special, new years not feeling as excited. I get unnecessarily introspective. It isn’t a bad idea, generally. Reflecting on previous years and mapping out a plan for the next is good. It can, however, be overdone, so much that the joy of revelling in the mood is stripped.

I am certain that part of this stems from ungratefulness. We are usually tempted to count more losses than gains. This is not unnatural. Humans are continually thirsty, and may I say, insatiable.

25 things in 25 years

We are always looking out for more, working for more, expecting more. Somehow along the line, it would be awesome to find a balance between gratefulness and mindfulness.

I decided that I was going to dump all of what’s blocking my experiencing of joy, and to the fullest for that matter. On the eve of my birthday, I was at church and like God was waiting right there for me to walk in through the door and into his arms, I experienced a turnaround.

It was true repentance and a complete turnaround. I needed to apologize for all of my constant whining and complaint. Right from deep inside of me was a stir for genuine worship and praise. I gave all away and in relieving tears poured out all of me.

25 things in 25 years

Mercy Chinwo was at COZA that evening and I want to now, right here, bless the day this babe was born. She was kind to lead us in worship songs so powerful. Omeka Nnaya was that one song I connected with and decided was going to be the theme for my special day.

Yesterday was indeed life changing for me. I spent the major part of the day at work but that was just fine because we are the ones with crazy colleagues. They made my day so special, I couldn’t have celebrated it anywhere else.

25 Things I Learned In 25 Years

1. You can’t thrive alone. Get as many positive people journeying this life with you.

2. Hard work is never outdated.

3. In all thy gettings, get wisdom. Wisdom and tact can save you from bad energy.

4. Be flexible enough to embrace change.

5. Be careful of going into a relationship out of loneliness. You might end up becoming co-dependent on them.

6. Forgive, wholeheartedly. Bitterness can be difficult to spot but trust me, it destroys many things.

7. It’s okay to have meat on your bones.

8. God is the only person that will never ever leave you.

9. Connect and establish quality relationships. It’s easier to climb on the shoulders of people than start from scratch.

10. You cannot bring everyone to understand your values, processes, and actions if you are a true child of God.

11. Grow up.

12. Men still pursue women. If he isn’t texting you back he is not interested. If he is giving mixed signals, he is not interested. If you are not sure about where you stand with him, he is not into you.

13. Don’t ever leave a job abruptly. Save enough, in case.

14. Constant devotion to God is not automatic, you are going to have to put in some effort.

15. The smell of your fart can choke you.

16. Be smart enough to know when to leave a relationship. Stop holding out on hope for too long.

17. Shawarma is overrated.

18. Blogging isn’t all about passion. There’s some hard work in all of this. You need a purpose and a drive.

19.  Every relationship should draw you closer to God, romantic or not. If it doesn’t, leave.

20. Rent is never an emergency expense. Start to save for rent as early as you can and stop running helter-skelter every year.

21. The older you grow, the more intentional you are about picking friends.

22. Social media fame does not add money to your bank account.

23. You can’t pray away your monthly menstruation.

24. Love is so beautiful.

25. The beautiful woman on the inside is full of so much of grace and pleasantness. Her aura is captivating. She can touch the heart of anyone, even from within her thoughts.

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