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Why Your Blog isn’t getting enough traffic from search engines

Applying search engine optimization strategies on your blog is really fun, especially if you are monitoring your progress. You check your Google Analytics to see a significant soar in your organic search stats. It’s beautiful, I tell you. Traffic from search engines can change your entire blogging story. If you are a little bit more …

national anthem of nigeria

National Anthem of Nigeria and National Pledge

In this article: old Nigerian national anthem, Nigerian national anthem song, anthem lyrics in English, who wrote the Nigerian national anthem and pledge, Nigerian national anthem second stanza mp3, the importance of Nigeria national anthem, the National pledge of Nigeria The Nigerian National Anthem lyrics   Verse 1   Arise, O compatriots Nigeria’s call obey to …

democracy day in Nigeria

Democracy day in Nigeria: Disappointments and future expectations

May 29th in Nigeria is celebrated as democracy day. It’s funny how we have never had to look forward to this day with optimism and hope. Democracy day 2018 seems like one of such regular years. We are back again into the cycle just to start all over again. Frustrations, let down expectations and disappointments. …