My 2018 in Review

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At the end of 2016, I did a review, you can find it here. It was one of my worst years ever! My emotional life was a mess. I hoped to continue using the review format in years to come but nah, I want something else.

In 2017, I listed profound lessons I took away from that year. You can check that here too.

This is going to be my longest yearly review just yet. I do not know how to summarize many of what I have to say about this year. 2018 has been extremely full.

Spiritual Life

If someone told me that I would enjoy fellowship with God in a newer way, I would not argue but it’s not something I would look forward to. I would not say that my spiritual life was entirely down before 2018 but it was dry, a chore and quickly becoming a routine.

Of course, I grew and did the regular but what happened to me in 2018 spiritually was exponential growth. I yearned to be with God and learn more spiritual truths I missed before now.

COZA is a blessing, I must say. The word lives in that church fam. Somehow COZA is perceived as one of the unserious churches in Nigeria. I cannot categorically say why but I presume it has a lot to do with how much of freedom is allowed. Oh boy, that’s where I want to be. I don’t want to be anywhere that kills and rubbishes my humanity. I want to be me in Christ.


I don’t even know where to begin. I can’t for the life of me believe how fast everything went in 2018.

I got another job in January 2018. I applied as a social media intern. So wait, there are questions, I know but I will summarize:

I knew I wouldn’t like to work with Chemistry. I was beginning to build a new career in digital marketing and I knew that I needed to start from scratch. I was fine with it, really.

I remember the look on Tope’s face when I told her I was going in as a social media intern. I was ready to start from the bottom again. I worked as the Content and Corresponding Officer at my former place of work before I left.

Somehow, the interview went in the opposite direction. I was to go in for a second interview for Search Engine Optimization Analyst. Like, fam. My SEO knowledge was so rudimentary and basic.

I braced up and took up the challenge. One thing must propel a man and this was going to be it, I swore.

I am approximately 12 months gone and I can’t for the life of me believe how fast I grew. That was fast people. So fast.

I owe part of this speed to people who believe in me. These folks saw that I don’t know how to stop and I was not going to give up without a fight. And so, I began to consume anything I could find on SEO.

I am still not where and what I want to be career wise but I have come really far. I have come so far I can’t believe it myself.


First, I left my relationship of 2 years 8  months at the fair beginning of 2018. Oh my, I thought I would not survive it. I knew the relationship was bad for me. I knew I had to do something about it but I was scared.

What if I don’t find someone else? What if I remain single forever? How would I heal? How would he feel? Was this going to be fair? How would my parents handle the information?

On one of those days, something happened and it was divine. I will never forget that switch. It was divine, I will say it over and over again.

I was listening to Michael Todd’s series on relationships. Wait a minute. I will take a break here to talk about this one. If you are single, in a relationship, engaged, married, divorced, widowed, whatever, you need to listen to all of the series.

I promise you with all of my heart that no matter where you are right now, that series is going to change your life. Even if you are in a relationship, don’t be afraid to put what you have under the microscope. Allow what you have to go under the knife, don’t be afraid.

By the time I was on part four or so of the series, the boldness, the peace, the strength and courage to walk away from the energy drainer fell on me.

From the moment I decided it was enough till I announced to him and finally closed that chapter, I was carried. The Lord carried me and I never had any moment of anguish. I could not believe it! I was stunned. That easy?! Just like that? Wow…

I made really good friends in 2018. I met people who pushed me to now. Some of my friendships were strengthened, some of them were shaken (many of them survived still). I enjoyed the comfort, presence, love of a lot of people in my life.

I didn’t lack good people around me in 2018. When I needed help, God sent me quality people. When I say 2018 is one of the best years ever, I mean it with everything I am.


Firstly, I migrated from Blogger to WordPress. You might click on the link to read my step-by-step process of migration. It was a very big move and I was very sceptical of what the effect would be on overall traffic, especially organic.

Secondly, I moved from 30K monthly traffic to 90-100K monthly traffic. This was the game changer for me. The exposure was great! This is approximately 1500-2000 blog visitors every day. That was a big leap for my blog.


I started 2018 a broke human being. Oh jeez, it broke me. It broke me so much that I cried many times. How does a hard worker go broke? I worked so hard to build this platform and some of the other platforms I don’t want to reveal just yet.

How does one work that hard and get nothing or too little to survive in Lagos. It’s December 2018 and in just 12 months I moved from that place to this place.

I am not certain I should be describing this place but this place is a financial breakthrough. Of course, I am not where I want yet, lol

2018 has been a financially rewarding year for me.


To think that 2018 wasn’t a planned year makes me all the more ready to allow myself to grow at reasonable paces in different aspects of my life.

I ended 2017 and entered 2018 with none of the popular resolution notes. I wanted to be free, to be even though intentional, flexible. I needed to allow God to walk me through step by step while I worked on myself as much as I could.

2019 in Preview

I am obviously not doing any of the resolution stuff for 2019. Just like I did at the end of 2017, I am going to allow the Lord to carry me, lead me and walk me through daily while I work on being the best version possible of my steps.

I will also set small short-term goals. A whole year is too far to plan in just one day.

Overall propositions for 2019 however

1. Join the workforce of COZA or any other church that doesn’t make it almost impossible to work for God in their community.

2. Steer clear of any impending romantic relationship that is likely to turn into a disaster. We can’t always know but I am not going to see signs and continue. Sometimes “hope” is not the best virtue, common sense is.

3. Make some more money. Looking forward to being proactive about approaching advertisers and Influencer points. I have had enough approach me in 2018. I could quadruple my blog earnings if I approach others.

4. Go out more. Just have more fun generally. Would like to strike a balance between work and play in 2018.

5. Launch my online shop, finally. I have a range of products and services I already sell on the blog but the process seems too archaic and time wasting. I am setting up e-commerce on the blog.

6. Do some of the things I didn’t get to do in 2018. Hints: fashion, driving, swimming etc.

This is where I want to say Thank you. I am glad to have walked through 2018 with amazing people. I look back and I am happy I am a Blogger.

Blogging has opened just too many doors for me, some of which are still in the works. Thank you for your love.

I wish us a blissful 2019, let’s have some fun, shall we?

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