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6 Benefits of Self Praise + A Quick Test

How does it sound  when we acknowledge other people’s looks, behaviours, work,  attitude, or just their simplicity?  Have you ever thought of replicating that to your self?  Have  you thought of the good  and powerful result  self praise  will  do to you and your productivity? Not to worry  we shall  discuss  that  today. People  often …


Missctolbertvoh talks on keeping your virginity or staying celibate

“I was asked to make this video explaining how to stay strong and encouraged on the walk of celibacy. This walk is what YOU make it. You can’t compromise yourself! Don’t open doors. Don’t go back to what you were brought from. Be obedient to God.  When you understand the importance of your virginity and …


Makeup hacks you probably didn’t know

Hi girls, today, you will be exposed to Makeup hacks you probably didn’t know I bring y’all good tidings of great joy?. This blog post is for some of us that don’t have a complete makeup kit. Sometimes we travel and forget to pack everything. Yeah, most of us have been and will be victims of this. Improvised makeup, if done correctly will look as good and neat as the original. I’ll just list out some of …