15 Life Lessons from Jenifa’s Diary Season 8

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Jenifa’s diary season 9 is what’s on now, I know but lessons never get stale right? Lessons from Jenifa’s Diary Season 8 are so  many that I would not like to just pass. You can check out Lessons from Season 5 here.

So, to Jenifa’s dairy season 8:

1. Men too go through domestic violence and they rarely have the society stand up for them.

2. Parents worry a lot about their children and that is why they come off as overprotective. If the child doesn’t properly understand this, it could pass as hatred to him or her.

3. Never put all your hopes in a human being, they can be disloyal at anytime.

4. Frank advice can be very harsh. You need to be totally open to welcome and use them.

5. Allow your children learn their native languages. You may never know, it can save someone in future. Even if it doesn’t become a saving instrument, it is important to let your children identify with their culture. It doesn’t stop them from being civilized.

6. You need informants when you are in a position of higher authority. Maybe not gossips etc, you only need truthful, sincere people who will watch your back and give you information else you lead blindly.

7. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Keep your mind occupied, get busy, get a life.

8. Be yourself. Let anyone who isn’t happy with the real you stay unhappy. If you are not negatively affecting anybody, please go ahead and be you.

9. If you fake accents, stop it. It’s embarrassing. Plus you don’t need it to be important.

10. Get a skill. Acquire additional skills alongside your educational pursuit.

11. It’s okay to want to be accepted by your in-laws. However you should never lose yourself trying to get approval.

12. A man who loves you will fight for you and protect you from the scorn of in-laws.

13. You are going to live with your body forever. Love it.

14. The past is past. Move on as soon as you can.

15.No matter how familiar you are with a person, brand, institution etc if they have certain protocols of visit, respect it. You would not want them to break the rules they themselves have set. It is a difficult position to put them in. If it can’t be avoided, go through due processes.

What other lessons did you pick from Jenifa’s Diary Season 8?

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