13 Mistakes People Make on the Path to Success

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Some weeks ago, I attended the Recetssion program at Muson centre organised by UACHD and I have been sharing lessons ever since. Today I want to share one of the most interesting presentations and it was by Lanre Olushola a.k.a the Catalyst. He spoke about mistakes that people make in time of recession but I would like to see this as lessons you can begin to learn on your path to success.

Below is a recap of his own session. In case you are wondering, I take notes very fast so every single word you see below was straight from him. I couldn’t capture all, so I noted the important ones as he spoke.

1. Belief about recession
Money doesn’t leave the earth, money changes hands. More millionaires and billionaires are made during recession than any other time.

2. People don’t hold on, people don’t develop, people don’t create an identity. You must know who you are and who you are not. Know thyself.

3. Not having a vision
Set clear financial and life goals. Visualize and create a picture of your desired future. That which you see you become, you behold.

4. Lack of strategic financial plan
Action is proof of intention. Set back and create a proper financial and life plan. It should align with your life vision and goal.

5. They do not have emotional intelligence
If you cannot manage your emotions, you cannot manage your money

6. They don’t take requisite action
They are busy but busy doing rubbish. Being able to take the right steps is key. The first step in the right direction. Are you consistent with the actions your are taking. Are you flexible enough to change your direction.

7. They don’t stay focused
They have stopped solving the problems they were meant to solve. Stay the course.

8. People do not have a healthy sense of self worth.
People do not have a good self esteem and confidence. Be your greatest believer. You cannot succeed in any chosen field of endeavor without a healthy sense

9. People give up.
People do not stand up for their convictions and beliefs. You have to be able to fight and conquer your fear.

10. They don’t have faith, no tenacity.
No endurance. Everybody wants to pull you down. It’s called the ‘pull me down’ syndrome. You have to be rugged. Rebuild yourself. Life is not fair, get used to it. Your attitude is your currency of negotiation.

11. A lot of people don’t trust in God.
You believe you can do it by yourself. If he seizes your breath, forget all the plans.You need the grace, the favor, the life of God. You have to trust him as your source.

12. Celebrate other people
Develop right relationships. Change your relationships and networks if you have to.

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