12 Profound Lessons from Skinny Girl in Transit Season 5

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So, SGIT 5 is over, no more Friday midday excitement. Ouch! Like I miss the fellowship on YouTube, in the comments section. Service is usually awesome.

Anyway, while we are wondering whether there will be a season 6 or not, here are some of the profound lessons I took from Skinny Girl in Transit season 5

1. Never underestimate premarital counselling.

2. The decision to stay celibate is easier when the two parties have agreed and are ready.

3. Love after a while begins to appear more of a decision than a feeling.

4. Good, loyal friends are a must in life.

5. What goes around comes around.

6. You never know where the shoe pinches if you are not wearing it.

7. It takes a lot of courage and strong determination to go against family traditions.

8. All problems wear away with time.

9. Compromise might be what we all need for resolutions and peace.

10. True love doesn’t keep a score of wrongs.

11. Fall in love with the substance a person is made up of. The body is only a bonus.

12. Patience is the greatest virtue of them all. (I think)

Which of the characters/situations/scenes do you think I picked each of the lessons from? Please share your lessons with me in the comments section.

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