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11 Honest Lessons Life Has Taught Me

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11 Honest Lessons Life Has Taught Me

11 Honest Lessons Life Has Taught Me is a guest post by Moyinoluwa Olawoye

Life is what it is. Living. Breathing. Surviving. Enjoying. It is the crack of light in the middle of darkness, so someone said. Pardon me, I can’t remember the person who originally said it.

We all paddle through life, all of us and we face the raging storms, the crashing waves, the highs and the lows.

Sometimes it’s sweet, and sometimes it’s not sweet. When it’s sweet and delicious, we tend to flourish in it and forget about all the lessons we’ve once learned in the less than sweet times. But once life changes its color to “not-so-cool”, we start remembering those lessons. We start remembering to pray, to do as many kind acts, to stay away from sin, and so on.

That’s the way we humans are, including me. We are quick to forget. Quick to forget that life isn’t all roses or peppered Suya. Life can be bitter like a concoction of herbs. Only it’s bitter to make you better in the long run.

So, what are some really honest lessons I have learnt in this ocean of life? Why is it even important to share, you would ask? Well, there is love in sharing! And lessons should be shared so you can learn from others and not step into the same ditch they once stepped in. I will tell you some of the lessons I’ve learnt when I’ve stepped into some ditches.

1. Happiness should be your highest goal.

Nothing more or less. You should be happy. Even if you don’t have as much as you would love to have, try to stay bright. It’s hard, yes. But, you have to give happiness a chance. People are categorized as depressed because they don’t fit the definition of ‘Happy’. Life would be a waste of time if you can’t make yourself happy. That’s the only way you’ll know you truly lived.

When you’re old and dying warm in your bed, with your kids, grand kids and great grand kids around you, you will do a total replay of your life in your mind. And the question you will ask yourself is, ‘Am I really happy to die now?’

And most people will be happy to die once they know they did the things their hearts cherished. Maybe your dream is to raise awesome and marvellous kids, you will be happy when you look at your kids and see how beautiful and responsible they’ve become.

The things you love will make you happy. Do the things you love in abundance and try to avoid things your heart doesn’t favour or that make you sad or things you know aren’t right. Those things kill happiness.

2. The Greatest Commandment: Love Your Neighbour as Yourself.

Love yourself but also love your neighbour. Don’t do to your neighbour what you wouldn’t to yourself. That’s why if you love your neighbour, you will try not to have any ill-will towards the person. Because then that would be like willing evil to yourself. The world we live in is in such chaos and disarray because we don’t spread love. We don’t love each other truly. Love is what we need. It’s the ultimate cure.

3. Don’t compare your life to other people’s lives.

Because we’re humans, we progress at different paces and rates. Some people get rich faster than others. Do not compare yourself to other people. It kills your gratitude spirit and makes you regret. Instead, find something you love and start doing it. Regret, last time I checked, only causes sadness, self pity and worry. Why don’t you save yourself stress and don’t worry about how slow you might think your life is. Because it is not how far or fast, but how well.

4. When you are down, find what you love and do it!

It not only elevates your mood, but helps you forget the source of the worry or problem.

5. Save for the rainy day. Or maybe the dry season as well.

But save. Don’t spend anyhow. Don’t spend all that money. Keep some aside for the day you will have not.

6. Follow your heart and be ready to defend it.

Some call it intuition or spirit or mind. Whatever.. Just listen to that thing speaking inside, and obey it. It may not always be right, but 90% of the time, it truly is. Don’t regret when you followed your intuition, things didn’t work out well. Your intuition is your best counsellor than any other human advice out there. No one loves you as much as you, which is all the more reason why you should listen to yourself.

7. Do the right thing.

Do I need to explain that? We have conscience. Your conscience is that feeling or inkling you get when you’re about to indulge in something bad. Much more like the way your brain puts you in ‘pain’ mode when your body is under painful force.

It’s like a caution to get away from whatever is causing the body discomfort to safety. So is conscience. It pricks you when you indulge in bad acts, telling you to stop. Because it knows there are repercussions. Only you loves you best, I say again.

On a lighter mood, I suggest you get the ‘Do the Right Thing’ song by Cobhams. You’d love it.

8. When in love, don’t be shy to show it.

The shy ones get it. Some people are bold naturally but when it comes to someone they have feelings for, they turn into this shy lady that goes dumb when she sees her crush. I am like this. And I am under self tutorial to stop this. I’ve loved someone for three years and the person also loved me, but shyness wouldn’t let us enjoy each other’s presence.

We are always so nervous. But if you’re like this, tell yourself, ‘Don’t Be Shy!’ and make that bold move. I am telling myself that too.

9. Take care of your body.

It carries everything that makes you. That is including your soul and spirit. Bathe regularly, drink enough water, avoid soda or too much sugar, exercise, eat healthy, sleep well and I could go on and on. Just take care of this body.

10. Music is da food to da soul, Baby!

Breathe music, love music, eat music. Music is healing. Music has power. Music is what I run to when I am down. And it has helped a lot. Hey who loves Niniola music?? I had to say it here, sorry. You can also read this article on how to get your groove back.

11. Be proudly you.

To this lady reading this, I will not say more than that. Just keep being ‘You’.

Those were some of the honest lessons I have learned that I thought to share. I just hope you learned from me a thing or two. You got other lessons to add? Don’t hesitate! Please share in the comments below!

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