10 tips to become a happier person now

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Life should be savored and enjoyed because truth is, even a hundred years of living is still a very short time so why would you want to spend it moping around.

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Become a happier person and influence your immediate environment with your love and positive energy.

tips to be happier

1. Focus on the now

Too many times we think of the future. This is not a bad idea, to plan and prepare is such a smart idea for anyone but we sometimes get to overwhelmed with the future that hasn’t even come.

Other times we are stuck in the past and not moving on. It is also time to let go of the past and move on. Focus on the now. Enjoy the ice cream, enjoy the presence of your lover, have fun answering your examination questions. Be happy now.

Let tomorrow take care of itself, that past already has.

2. Help someone

Try a little kindness and see how much it empowers you. You become a happier person instantly knowing that someone has been positively touched.

Assist someone in their assignment, render some financial assistance where you can, send someone to school.

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3. Let go of bitterness and hurt

Hurts and bitterness can drain your positive energy. They can rob you of the chance to be happier. Release yourself of the bitterness and hurt. Let things go so that you can focus on yourself.

4. Get away for a while

Have a retreat, a vacation. Get away from the noise for a while. Too much of workload and constant working can cause you to burn up.

Shake yourself up a little and go for a walk. Jog or do some form of exercise to take your mind off the volume of unending tasks.

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5. Do your favorite thing

What is that thing you love doing if you had the chance to? Get in and do it.

6. Slow down

If you want to be a happier person, you have to recognize that you can never finish things up in life, there will always be some chore to do so slow down. Do things gradually and with ease, stop the fuss and worrying.

7. Show some love

Go to the underprivileged homes and show them some love. Give out to someone who doesn’t have. Call up someone you have not called in a while to say hello. Encourage a struggling brother or sister.

8. Visit like-minded friends

Have fun with friends. Hang out together. This helps you ease the tension you have within and become happier instantly.

9. Go to the movies

Well, that was a note to self. I love the movies a lot. The cinema is my favorite hangout.You can go to a restaurant if your budget allows you.

Go on a date with yourself. Give yourself a treat. Pamper yourself. Get a manicure and/or pedicure.

10. Play some games

Release yourself and open up your mind. Play some games and loosen up. It helps you laugh out loud.

What other tips have you employed to become a happier person?

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