10 Super Ways to Look Fabulous on a Budget

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As ladies we won’t trade looking good for anything and that’s okay. It’s okay because looking good is very important. Making efforts at looking fabulous can land you your dream job, it can create a beautiful impression of people about you, it can help you present yourself as a confident person. One problem however is that to look fabulous, we often think we have to spend a lot of money and empty our bank accounts. This blog post will convince you that you can look fabulous on a budget.

The other day I was discussing with a friend about how much good hair can transform your overall outfit. Listen, good, properly fitting hair can pimp up your overall outfit and make you look expensive. One tip is to make sure that the style fits you. So, I discussed this with this my friend, she sighed and said it’s all about money. Now, that was where she got it all wrong. It’s not all about money, it’s all about fitting.

Let’s go right into how to look fabulous even on a budget.

1. Don’t go for trendy pieces too often

I said ‘too often’ because one or two trendy pieces once  in a while won’t hurt. If you don’t indulge, you may feel fashion starved. Asides from the occasional indulging, try to buy things that will not go out of season too quickly. Trends are too short lived for you to waste your budget on.

2. Invest in timeless basics

I know you think this sounds boring but I tell you that if you are creative, you can buy and make your basics work for you. Black, white, brown, ash, grey can be good colours to start with. When you are on a budget, you need to know that you don’t have to build your wardrobe all at once. You can gradually buy what you need until you have something to work around.

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3. Make fabulous hair

Just like I said in the introduction, make fabulous hair. Your hair can transform your overall looks in many ways. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it only has to fit. Wigs these days are becoming the in thing. You can invest in one or two of them. A braided wig can see you through for up to three months. You only have to be creative enough in styling and bringing life to it. Check Instagram for different ways to style your wig. You will be surprised at how lovely you can make your hair into.

4. Buy accessories

Accessories can do a lot of magic to seemingly boring outfits. Accessories can pimp up a simple, ordinary outfit. If you know how to wear heels without looking like a lost frog, invest in a black pair at least. It is versatile enough for your pieces. Get a few neckpieces. There are some that are not as expensive. If you have friends who do ankara accessories, you can ask for some at a discount

5. Groom

You can do a little manicure and pedicure. These are things you can do in your home. There are countless DIYs everywhere. Trim your eye brows. You can ask a friend to help you out or learn how to do it. Appear neat. Wear clean clothes and smell nice. You see that with just simple grooming you can look fabulous on a budget.

6. Mix and match

You need to be creative and flexible to be able to mix and match your existing pieces. You probably didn’t know that you could try four pieces in 12 different ways or even more until you give it a try. If you don’t want it to look monotonous, wear different outfits to different places.

7. Swap clothes

This is another way to look good on a budget. Swap clothes with your siblings or a friend turned sister. No one will ever know if you are smart enough to wear them in places your sibling has never worn them to.

8. Be confident 

This is a very important tip to looking fabulous. The most expensive of clothes will look drab and lifeless on a woman that is insecure about her looks. Wear and rock what you have with confidence, walk tall and smart.

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9. Recycle old clothes 

You can turn the ‘iro’ of a ‘buba’ into a short gown especially if you didn’t wear it that much. Your old but cool shirt can serve as the inner for a blazer. You can turn your pants into shorts for casual wear or even something more. Just think of how to make your wardrobe interesting.

10. Buy drugstore makeup

You don’t have to go for high-end makeup products to look fabulous. As long as the products serve you and make you look good, buy and use them. When you have some extra money, you may replace some of them with high-end products if you want.

Staying fabulous on a budget is actually very possible. You can look good on a very limited budget if you want to. You only have to be creative, open and flexible enough to work around your pieces. You also need to be wise to know what can work and what won’t. Be alert to new and discount deals around you. You can also be involved in giveaways. It is both fun and good for your closet.

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