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10 Powerful Blogging tips for mummy Bloggers

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Finally, I get to write this and I can’t wait to share all of what I have to pour out to you. So, by mummy Bloggers, I do not mean Bloggers that are in the mummy Blogging niche, I mean, Bloggers who also double as mums.

You are either a first-time mum or just with more than one kid. So, well, I am not a mummy Blogger, looool. But here it is, I interact with Bloggers who are moms a lot.

Sometimes having a decent conversation with them is so much of a hassle. They are either scolding a misbehaving child or shushing one to keep it down.

The other day I was discussing with this mummy in the abroad. We were both speaking ‘fone fone’ until a child refused to go to bed. Oh my gosh, I didn’t see the switch coming.

“Go and wear your nightgown and go to your room right now before I come and meet you there.”

It was heavy Yoruba mixed with Yoruba English. In fact, I would quickly do as I was instructed if it were me because mheeeen, her words were laced with the ‘mama Tiwa’ kind of threats. Ahahahahahaha…

This other day, one mummy Blogger had all of her children screaming and they wouldn’t maintain decorum. According to her, they had seen one of their teachers pass and were all doing hide and seek. In excitement, they kept screaming.

I could go on and on. One categorically told me that she feels so useless. She can’t accomplish anything on her blog except for change diapers and do baby stuff. Oh my, I was very moved.

Olubunmi Mabel’s Dara, her own is just to scream. Dara will scream and be gasping in excitement at the same time. This makes me laugh every time. How can you be laughing, screaming and playing all by yourself? Which kain energy?

So, these cuties are having the time of their lives and their mummies can’t even write a decent post in three days. The struggle. Oh, the struggle.

If mummy Bloggers were to start here, you would wish you had your own ‘mummyhood’ delay just a little. I once asked Mabel why I am not even trying to enjoy all of the freedom I have now. I can blog all night, and do what I want. I am looking forward to being a mummy but my anxiety to be one just makes the other mummies shake their heads at me.

‘Don’t worry’, they say. ‘You are gladly welcome o, but you will see weeeen.’ Buhahahahahahahhaahahah

What I want to do is share 10 powerful and surefire Blogging tips to help you achieve your blogging goals despite the stress of motherhood. They are going to be short (hopefully) but candid.


Have fun

I basically think first-time moms need to hear this. I know that there’s a lot of sleepless nights and cranky child behaviour. But there are a lot of giggles too. First steps, first speech, their innocent stare at you, their first scare. Soak it all in.

Don’t allow blogging strip you of that joy and process you will go through only once with that particular child. There will never be a second first 6-month experience with your first child.

So, take as many pictures as possible. Record, record, record. Drool at baby clothes, baby hairstyles, new baby sneakers. Decorate. Have a blast!

This may seem like we are going the opposite direction but hey, hey, blogging will always be here, trust me. So, take things slowly at first until you find your rhythm.

If you are afraid you will never pick Blogging again, read other people’s blogs. You will always come around.

So here’s what you will do. Tell your blog readers how many blog posts you will write per week. One, maybe. I suggest you show up weekly. They will understand and you’ll be surprised how much of e-hugs you will get.

Stick to your promise. Post once weekly. You can write 100 -200 words every day when your baby is asleep. You have a weekly material ready in a week.

Blog about what you love

This is probably the most powerful Blogging tip for mummy Bloggers. You see, if blogging becomes a chore, with a baby, or children, you will burn out.

>>>Learn how to avoid blogging burnout

If you like to talk about food a lot, write recipes. I find out that many times my Blogger friends that are mothers talk about their children a lot. This is because this is the phase you are in, so if you want to talk about mummy experiences, create a motherhood segment.

Write about your struggles. If you like to rant about the latest happenings in the country or world, while you are getting around to creating more intentional content, write about it or create a segment for it. Be careful not to confuse your readers though. So, totally switch up your blogging to a new found niche(s) or just create a segment. Blogging should be fun.

Free write

If the stress makes you blank, just free write. Not on your blog this time around. Anywhere else but your blog. On your notepad, in a notebook, anywhere.

Have you ever tried to free write before? Okay, here is how it works, you just get on to your notepad and write anything anyhow.


“Baby is peacefully sleeping but I have nothing in this my brain. I am just wondering if other mothers have a hard time breastfeeding like me. Why is it so hard? It hurts though. Just see the soreness and baby isn’t even nice to the feeders. By the way, my husband is the most insensitive man on earth, thank God I love his lips though. Arrrrrrrrgrrrrrh, God where are you. I feel like running away!”

Free write. Write about a saucy neighbour, your hubby’s annoying neighbour, your favorite TV show, a colleague’s pleasant call, your disdain for sex, your sex maniac self, your favorite new preacher. Write everything.

I am going to promise you one thing: out of three free writing sessions, you will find one blog material. From the first free writing example where you complained about painful breastfeeding? Actually, find a solution to it. Speak up, read up, find solutions.

Then write a full post on this. This is from experience and if it comes with instructions on how to get other mums with the problems to overcome, you are going to acquire new blog subscribers.

I always ask Bloggers to help readers see themselves in their posts. Don’t always just rant about yourself and leave it there. Find an instructive or informative point. It’s a win-win.

Create a content plan

When you are ready, map out a content plan. It doesn’t have to be a hard and fast plan. This is supposed to guide you so that you don’t have to always rack your brain on what to post.

Posting 2-3 times weekly is a good one. Look at your blogging categories. Which do you enjoy posting in the most? Develop your content strategy around it. When other random ideas come in, they will be bonuses.

Now, draw up a table that contains Days of the week you plan to write, Categories, and if possible, Topic ideas. Do this for 3 – 6 months ahead. Check Bloglovin, Pinterest, Feedly, other blogs for topic ideas.

Look within your life, encounters, activities. What products can you review, what experience can you narrate and draw instruction from, what new place did you stumble on, new recipes etc. You will find topic ideas. We all have a story.

Use your free time wisely

I know you will coman scream now that there is no free time but you know issalie o. Loooool. Okay, the time you spent watching Telemundo nko? What about the time you spent gossiping with iya Samu?

And the most of all was when baby slept. In fact, there are times all your children will be at school. What about free time at work? You know you have finished all of your tasks, a juicy gist comes at work and you gladly, most excitedly join in. Looooool looooool loooool.

You forget they don’t have blogs. Even if they have side hustles, it may require them to be physically present. You, you have side hustle you can invest your energy in almost anywhere you are.

That time you use to scroll Instagram endlessly on the toilet bowl, use it to complete that article. How about using that to look for blog post ideas? See, you will have to begin to treat your blog like a business at this point.

Ask for help

Me I don’t know o, what’s that your idle sister doing? Okay, she is not idle but she is always watching Africa Magic. Your brother, is PS o.

See, engage people and use their own free time too. It’s just the smart thing to do. Ask them to watch your baby for you. Ask them to come and edit blog posts.

You will turn some of your beloved cousins to photographers o. In fact, some will learn how to style you by force, hihihihihihihi. You will be shocked that some of them are even good video editors.

Just find their motivation and hit their sweet spot accordingly. You know what I mean tho’. And see, your children, some will snap pictures too.

If you get them as excited as you are about your blog, you’d be shocked how far they can go. You know, they are in their formative and creative years. Some of them see things o. They may suggest other things to you, things you never even thought of. Get them involved and watch one or two of them catch the fire.

Network with other mummy Bloggers

Find and connect with other mummy Bloggers. Share ideas and brainstorm on more ways to make things work. This post gives some insights on how to connect with other Bloggers

If you have a mummy Blogger, they would understand when you whine about a serious drag. I may not even understand as much as I should as a fellow Blogger. I can only talk about mummy Blogging out of very frequent friendly conversations, interactions and consulting sessions I have with moms.

I don’t know what it means to stay on one line of blog post for days because you are just overall dissatisfied with your life at the moment. In fact, your fellow mummy friend who is not a Blogger might not even understand you.

Some will wonder what your stress is with blogging? You might even wear them out with your blog talks. Even hubby may be worn out. Your mummy Blogger friend can provide the right support you need at the time.

Settle into a routine

I know, I know, your life is very unpredictable. I get it, just hear me out. Create a routine around what happens the most frequently.

So, say your baby wakes up around a certain time (most of the time); your children come back from school at a certain time, you close from work within a time frame, make a tentative routine.

Routines are so powerful they nudge you into guilt when you are unnecessarily doing very flimsy things. Given that some things happen a certain way, what can you do to make your life more productive?

All things being equal, create a relatively constant wake up and sleep time around your normal motherhood duties. If children and other duties interrupt, take it as that. It’s all good. If not, stick to the plan.

If you have more grown-up children, how about bringing them to understand mummy’s blogging time. Kids can be nice if you constantly get them to understand how important something is to you, I suppose.

Get a home office

If you are a full-time mum, how about you make your blog a ‘full-time’ blog? Trust me, if you have always loved blogging, this will bring you some more fulfillment.

So carve out a home office space. There are tons and tons of home office design ideas for mummy Bloggers on the internet.

A home office can do a lot of things. It can help you switch off and focus for a while. If your kids are grown up, gradually, you will be able to work out your office time.

So, clean up, dress lightly, apply some perfume and get some serious shit going on right under your roof. You can take your business calls in here, shoot some YouTube videos, write, think, host other mummy Bloggers. Trust me, it can be very fun.

>>>How to run a successful home office

Treat your blog like a business

I reserved this for last because I want to discuss some serious things here and it may not apply to every Blogger. If you are looking to making income out of your blog, if it has gone beyond just a hubby, then you are going to have to take that blog seriously.

Have you ever met driven women? They move in ways you would think they have it all together. Sometimes you will wear your boss babe demeanor. It’s time to get down to business.

You will have to cut down on sleep (sometimes), you will have to wake up very early, you will miss parties to do a photo shoot, you will get hubby to understand what this means to you, you will skip favorite shows, name it.

You will learn time management, workplace productivity, how to balance your full-time job with your side hustle,  learn new skills to get you to become a badass Blogger, you will take courses, invest in your blog. You will grab this rudder and stir the ship. You will pray for strength and declare speedy growth to your blog.

You will become the boss and treat your blog like a business. What you nurture will produce, trust me. If you do it right, it will produce, so nurture.

In conclusion, blogging as a first-time mum or veteran mum, ahaha, might be challenging but if you are ready and open to begin something serious, you will find a rhythm.

I promised to be very short and quick. See where we ended! I want to hope it was worth the read. So, tell me, what have you begun to do or hope to do to get this blogging thing to work?

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