10 Life lessons I have learned in my 25 years of living || Kemi Ologbonyo

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My friend, Kemi Ologbonyo is turning 26 today. She has decided to share her first quarter lessons. If you missed mine, we are definitely not pals but let’s see. Check it out here – 25 things I learned in my first quarter

Over to Kemi, our next-quarter babe!

Kemisola Ologbonyo, Happy birthday

I turned 25 last July and reality dawned on me. The big 30 is just around the corner! Amidst wishing I had done some things differently, I realized I had gained what we call wisdom.

I turn 26 in a couple of months and it just felt like the perfect time to share a list of the valuable lessons I have learned along this incredible journey.

1. Quarter Life Crisis Is Real!

Last year, I picked an old diary where I had written a list of things I wanted to achieve by the age of 25. Reading what I had written, I began to question everything about my life with feelings of anxiety, uncertainty and inadequacy.

Adulting is hard!

The internet and social media do not make it easier with so much access to the perfectly curated lives of others.
Being an introvert, I opened up more in the last one year and I realized that this is a panic plaguing our generation.

Nobody has “it all” figured out. What we hold on to is something (purpose or passion) that makes it easy to go through life every day.

2. Friendships Are Important

Friends are our support system and the older I get; the more I see the need for them. I am more conscious of the kind of friendship I want based on interests and the value it adds to my life.

3. Do not judge

We often see the speck in the eyes of others, but do not notice the log in our own eye. Only those who wear the shoe know exactly where it hurts. Unless you are in it, you have no idea what another is going through, and what is the “right” thing for them to do in their own, unique situation.

4. Success is not a straight line

I have realized that the path to success is not as direct or as easy as I hoped it would be. There will be setbacks, things just will not work out the way you planned but we boss up and move on!

5. Take photos

They remind you of just how far you have grown over the years. You would be thankful for the glow up!

6. Health is indeed wealth

This decade of my life is the time to make choices that will shape my health in the years to come. I am getting into good habits like what sort of foods to eat and how much physical activity to engage in.

7. Develop solid financial habits

Do Not Spend More Than You Earn! Reading Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu enlightened me a great deal. Now is the time to build solid financial habits that will follow me throughout my life like controlling spending and saving money.

8. Be grateful for everything

My life always had blessings; I just failed to see that at the time. A friend advised I tried keeping a gratitude journal and in a week, I realized just how blessed I am. Concentrating on what I did not have only made me miserable because I failed to see all the things I did have.

9. Life is not a competition

Life is like a journey full of experiences. Although some of us have similar experiences, we all have complete different stories, with different timings. There is a lot of pressure these days to be successful, get married etc. I consciously remind myself that I am a unique individual on a unique path heading to an assured destination.

10. Don’t take life too seriously

Do not tight it to your chest. Nobody gets out of it alive. Most day-to-day things we consider “problems” are most times never that serious. So Breathe!

Cheers to Chapter 26.

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