10 Fun Things (Pictures I Really Liked This Week)…

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Helloooooooooo, it’s me. I was wondering if after all the hustle, you have plans for grooving this weekend. Omo, this week was hustling week o. First of all,  my team and I relaunched Blog Our Wedding (BOW) and you can guess what it would cost us na. Awareness, social media updates, et cetera et cetera. I survived the week and I want to rest this weekend. I mean it o. Okay,  maybe not like rest reeeeeeeeeest, because I know myself. I never seem to stop working but, I want to reduce the gulegule.
So na,  I want to present to you ten fun things I stumbled on everywhere on the  Internet this week. You should find one or more of these pictures interesting. Please, tell me which one of them in the comment section o, iyea. Thank you. Oya leggo:
1. This nail polish colour is so beautiful. I don’t know what colour this is exactly. (covers face). Purple, lilac? 
Sparkling sandals with lilac nail polish on feet
Photo via @weddingdigestnaija

 2. One day one day,  I will use a bold lipstick like this and pretend it was a mistake. Hian…

Light woman wearing bold lipstick

3. Not only the off shoulder jumpsuit. I love this pose, the hairstyle and the light makeup.

Ankara off shoulder jumpsuit

4. This irregular peplum top is beautiful! And the colour combination? Wow!

Tall woman on irregular peplum and green skirt
Photo via @ankarafashionicons

5. The weight loss struggle shaaaaaaaaaa… When was it I binged on everything and felt so sorry for myself? Gosh.

6. 18+!

7. Janet Jackson’s child delivery at 50 is an indication that nothing is impossible with God.

Pregnant Janet Jackson in black goggles

8. Oya anza! But I have no issue with either o.

9. I love the two of them together. The synergy in their acting is just superb. That is why I love Passengers. You can read my review of the movie here.

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence
10. In conclusion,  we were all created to have folds. Ehn! 

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