10 Braid Styles I am Loving on Instagram

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wine coloured twists on a light skinned girl

Hey guys, it’s weekend agaaaaaain. What’s up? It’s been a very busy week for me. In fact, I was thinking of just sleeping in all day today but ehn,  it’s not necessary. Laziness does not pay anybody fa. Well,  that’s why I am at your face today. Hihihihihihihihi.

I found some really cool braid styles on Instagram. I know you would love some of them. You might be planning to change your hair style

Find beautiful and cute braid styles below: 

neat braids made into a bun
Photo via @magicfingersstudio
girl on stylish cut at the back and braids in the front
Photo via @louycreativz

wine coloured twist
Photo via @kellechie

braids into a bun
Photo via @mseziemela

wine coloured twists
Photo via @thatdynamitechick

beautiful braids
Photo via @braids.lifestyle

crochet braids
Photo via @braids.lifestyle

girl on braids
Photo via @djenyy_

beautiful box braids
Photo via @jlowedabraider

black and white photo of a girl on braids
Photo via @aycie_g

Which of these styles do you like? Please don’t leave without telling me o. 

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