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Exactly how I got to 1 Million monthly views on Pinterest in 2 months!

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I am sick and tired of reading articles promising to teach us how to get to 1 million monthly views on Pinterest in a short while only to end up realizing that it is a Tailwind Pitch or an article full of tens of affiliate links or just a course introduction.

Not fair!

Anyone who clicks on these links on Facebook or pins on Pinterest is surely desperate to make something really great out of the Pinterest platform so I think it is not fair to excite people only to tell them they have to pay to get the real information.

Pinterest courses are not bad, I took some of them myself. I will in the course of discussing other Pinterest strategies in other articles introduce you to some really great Pinterest courses that you can sign up for and be sure to get really quality value.

What I am however saying is that how about you tell me shortly after you excite me a little that you will be sharing a course in the end? Or you mention this in the middle of the article? I have to get to the end of the article to realize that I didn’t leave your site with anything quality.

This is why I have decided to share exactly how I got to 1 Million monthly views on Pinterest in this article. I promise you that I am not leaving anything behind. I am going to share with you everything I did to get to 1 million monthly views on Pinterest in such a short while.

1 million monthly views on Pinterest,Esther Adeniyi

In fact, if you want to get to the real information and skip all of what is before it, you just have to click on the section on the list of tables. I, however, would recommend that you read through all I have to say because you might pick a few things to run with or pick up clues on things to change in your strategy.

If you notice, I didn’t title my article, “how to have 1 million monthly views on Pinterest“. I instead promised to share my own exact processes and methods because I have come to realize that for some reasons, there are no hard and fast rules to Pinterest.

You must be ready to experiment. Also, you must know that even though some things generally work for everyone, you might have to tweak yours a little to suit your own niche and replicate the exact results of the Pinterest guru you are following.

The stuff you read every time!

This part just bores me, the part that tells me to upgrade to the business profile, open my boards, SEO the boards, claim my profile and the rest of it, it bores me.

So, when I click on a title that promises to teach me how to get to a 100K monthly views or 10m+ monthly views on Pinterest, chances are that I am already using Pinterest and I am familiar with all these things.

I just want to get to the good stuff so that I can implement right away. I am going to write the stuff you read every time here, but in lists, so that you can just gloss over if you already know them or so that if you do not already know them, you note that you are supposed to get all of them done.

1. Upgrade from Personal Pinterest profile to business Pinterest Profile
2. Claim your website on Pinterest
3. Apply for rich Pins
4. Create boards on your Pinterest profile
5. Begin to pin to these boards

This is my first article on Pinterest. I wanted to have achieved something substantial enough to be able to position myself as someone from whom people can learn Pinterest strategies.

I will also from now on begin to write beginner Pinterest articles for people who are looking to start Pinterest from scratch. I will pick each of the items on the list and expatiate them into detailed Pinterest resources and materials later on.

I will also teach some very basic Pinterest strategies in these articles. I am going to put below an email list link that you can subscribe to so that you can have access to these materials and be notified when I publish these articles. My blog is mostly a Blogging and lifestyle blog so you might miss the Pinterest specific articles.

I have taught about 5 other people how to ace Pinterest using my strategies and they are doing very well. I also run and manage at the moment, four more Pinterest accounts apart from mine.

I have come to realize while working with people on their Pinterest and managing the other Pinterest accounts in my care that your niche plays a very instrumental role. This is because your niche dictates the kind of boards that you are likely to create on your Pinterest account.

Exact Steps I took to get to 1 million unique monthly views on Pinterest in 2 months

Please pin this!

1 million monthly views, Esther Adeniyi. Pinterest marketing, Pinterest startegies

I upgraded to the Pinterest Business account

I really want to show you the exact steps so I have to start from here, really. Upgrading to a business account on Pinterest is at no cost, it is totally free. There are so many reasons why this is the first step necessary.

i. It is how you get access to your Pinterest analytics anyway. The personal pinterest profiles do not have the analytics feature so they do not get to even know how many unique monthly visitors they have or which of their boards are doing really well.

ii. You are only able to claim your account and apply for rich pins when you have upgraded to the business account for Pinterest.

I created very richly described boards

Now, here is where I will share some of the things that you might not have been told. First, it is a general thing to create boards that are SEO rich and by this, it means that you name the boards actual words and phrases that people are searching for and not just cute names nobody is looking for. You should go for “the latest fashion trends” than “cute things”.

It is also a good practice to describe these boards using rich keywords so that the boards on their own can rank. I will talk about Pinterest SEO in one of the articles I am planning to curate on Pinterest.

What I, however, did extra as I began to experiment was to add boards that were likely to go viral. These are boards on pins and articles people were searching for. My blog is a lifestyle blog and I talk about a lot of stuff so it was very easy to add as many kinds of boards as I wanted and given that women lifestyle is a broad subject, I could afford to talk about weight loss and still be on track.

So, I created these three boards that made the difference: intermittent fasting, personal development, and boss babe/girl boss.

The boards shot to the top in no time and the pins from these boards were being shared aggressively. Now, these weren’t even my own pins. These were pins from other people but because these were viral pins they helped to increase my own Pinterest visibility.

This is the part where you note that it is not only your own personal pins that make up the total monthly viewership of your profile. You might share a pin that has already gained so much momentum that people are likely to keep sharing and there you are going to be, reaping the rewards of a job well done by someone else.

Of course, this isn’t going to translate to page views on your own blog but this is definitely going to help you increase your Pinterest visibility.

I began to pin consistently!

If you do not take any of the things I have said in this article or will say after this seriously, please take this seriously. This might be the only thing that you will have to do to get your own first 100K or first 1 million monthly views on Pinterest.

Here was my routine:

I pinned 10 pins to each board in the morning, repeated in the afternoon, did this early evening and also late at night.

I never missed a day! Yes, and it was 99% manual pinning. Now, I totally understand that not everyone can pull this off because they are busy. The only reason I stated this is because what I promised at the beginning of the article was to share my exact strategies. Perhaps, someone else too is going to be able to do exactly what I did. It would not be nice to not state exactly what I did because I feel it may be burdensome.

So I did this every single day.

The pins I was pinning to my boards were mostly by other people. A week before I began to pin my own pins from my blog, all I did was build momentum and pin other people’s stuff. In 2 weeks, I had already crossed 75K monthly views on Pinterest and I must say that the gradual increase encouraged me greatly to keep on working on my Pinterest account.

It first started as pinning a 100% of other people’s pins, and then to around 70% of other people’s pins as soon as I was able to get around to designing my own pins. Gradually, this reduced to 60% of other people’s pins and 40% of my own and I think this is where I am at now.

Remember I said it was mostly manual pinning? This is where Tailwind came to play. I needed to know what time was optimal for my account. I needed to know when I would get the most engagement on my pins and so I signed up for Tailwind.

I scheduled a few personal pins. You are only allowed 100 on the free account and I must say that this is more than what you need to get all of the information you want. I am thinking of upgrading so that I can have access to the Tailwind tribes. A lot of people swear by it.

Coupled with the analytics from my Pinterest account, I was able to know which of my pins and boards were doing and where most of my audience was from. This informed me on the nature of pins I should be making and at what time I should be posting them.

I found out that 3 am ish and 6 pm ish were my magic numbers so I would schedule my pins to that time for 3 am and manually post by 6 pm.

I designed my first viral pin

Like I have said, I will create so many more posts on how to succeed on Pinterest and I will be sure to write on how to create your first viral pin and many more viral pins on Pinterest.

It is one thing to have a lot of monthly views on Pinterest, it is another thing to be able to convert most of this attention on your profile into actual page views. It is generally a waste to have a lot of monthly views on Pinterest and just too little visits.

I know of a few people who have thousands of monthly views and have nothing to show for this on their blog’s analytics. Two big reasons why these people boast of really high monthly viewership and even followers but page views in trickles are:

i. some are ignorant of how to convert this goodness into something worthwhile for their blogs.

ii. the rest are just not open-minded. They are stiff and so myopic. They are not ready to make changes at all to the strategy they already have.

Last month, for example, I had over 40K monthly sessions from Pinterest. These were just visits and not even page views. This helped me meet and surpass my monthly blog traffic target. I hope to get to 100K monthly visitors just from Pinterest only steadily in about 2 months more from now.

Esther Adeniyi, Nigerian Blogger on Pinterest, Pinterest blog traffic, Pinterest analytics data for March
Pinterest analytics data for March, 2019

My first viral pin was not even planned for, it was a “mistake” and trust me, I learned from that mistake for good. When a pin goes viral, you have more blog traffic and of course, add to your general monthly viewership on Pinterest.

These are things that influence the virality of a pin (I will make a more detailed post on how I have come to achieve them, I have 10 of these pins in total, creating a snowball effect)

1. Design in warm colours. You hear this every time, I know. Pink, orange, yellow, beige, really good colours.

2. That pin has to be on something people are desperately searching for. Don’t stop at that, create an irresistible pin title with a strong call to action.

3. Design pins for boards that have the most visibility. For me, intermittent fasting and personal development had the most visibility so I was creating more topics in these categories. After I design my pin well, I make sure that I post it first to the most relevant board which also doubles as the most viral board.

4. I save it to 3 similar or closely related boards and then pin to relevant group boards.

In summary, this is what I did to get viral pins: I created posts in the category that was doing well the most on Pinterest, designed viral worthy pins, pinned them first to boards that double as both the most relevant board to that pin and the most viral board on that account and then save on other boards.

One thing extra that I did was to make sure that I posted this at my optimal times. Now, these factors I just mentioned, these are all the things you need to set your pin up for the viral recipe.

Sometimes, some pins will not behave as you expect, leave them for a while and thereafter design another pin if it still doesn’t go well. However, do not be surprised if this pin picks up weeks after.

Other things to note about my Pinterest success

I did not start from zero

Now, I have had my Pinterest account for a while but I did nothing with it at all. I opened another one like four years ago but left that alone too. The one I am currently using now was opened about two years ago and had just one pin on it for all the time it was there until I picked it up and began to dust the cobwebs.

As soon as I upgraded to the business account, I saw 390 monthly views the following day. I am trying to make a point here and this is that time has a lot to do in growing your Pinterest account. Trust me, just last week, I went to immediately revive the first Pinterest account to work on it since I already have time advantage on the account, 4 years is a lot. The following day, I went to 30 monthly viewers.

For accounts that I started from scratch on behalf of my clients (4 in total now), I have to wait for 5 days, sometimes, a whole week to even see 30 monthly viewers.

A blogging client of mine also had her Pinterest account for like a year before she went in to start something serious with it. She is also moving very fast too. You know, if I left my Pinterest account now, where it is at, I will not be surprised to come back to meet 2 million monthly views in 6 months. If I left it for too long, the monthly views will gradually begin to tank.

Why? The pins will already have snowballed and accrued more viewership. So, these are things that matter in your Pinterest success: time lag, niche, your consistency and then your Pinterest strategy.

Manual pinning seemed to have helped

I don’t work at Pinterest, I only use the platform to generate traffic to my blog like everybody else so I cannot categorically say if I am right or not.

I, however, have heard a few people mention that they moved up faster and can partially attribute this to spending more time on the platform rather than just scheduling. Perhaps I can say this is very true and I manually pin to all the other accounts. My clients manually pin too.

I had been blogging for a while before I started to take Pinterest seriously

What this means is that I had a lot of articles on my blog, around 800 of them. Even if some of them were not Pinterest worthy, we are looking at more than 600 of these articles that deserved a pin. So, having content for Pinterest was not a hassle at all.

I have not even designed for up to 100 of these articles yet. This is even given that each of these articles has around one, two or three pins designed for them.

Here you go, everything I did to get to 1 Million monthly views on Pinterest.

Esther Adeniyi, Pinterest success, pinterest strategies, how to drive traffic from your board to Pinterest
Now I am on 1.1 monthly viewers on Pinterest

Sign up for Pinterest strategies to help you grow your Pinterest and drive traffic to your blog.

I would be glad to have you follow me on Pinterest and pin this article on the Pinterest platform too. Thank you very much in anticipation.

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